Easy Chocolate Croissants

I was craving the other day and an excellent thought popped into my head. Chocolate croissants.

Trader Joes has frozen ones that you leave out to thaw and rise over night, then bake in the morning. They’re really good – but I always forget to pull them out.

So I was driving home and the best idea came to me. Nutella.

Nutella baked into crescent roll dough.

I know, I know. I’m a genius. It’s a gift.

So for anyone who wants this little bit of brilliance for their own weekend breakfast here’s how I did it (and corresponding pictures).

You need:

Crescent roll dough

Jar of Nutella, I bought a small jar but bigger is always better!



cookie sheet

*optional* wine

Spray the sheet with spray (I’ll be honest, I don’t know if this is necessary since I’ve only tried it while doing it, but a little extra butter flavoring can’t hurt in my opinion. So maybe consult you crescent roll packaging for recommendations)

Unroll all the little triangles of dough

Spoon nutella onto the dough. I suggest going heavy here, but I’m a fatty. So quantity is up to you, but the first time you might want to vary the amounts to decide how much works for you.

Roll dough. I thought this was self-explanatory, but I managed to mis-roll one and I’ve made these before, so roll from the wide side towards the point (the other bonus to this is that you can add the nutella all the way down to the point if you want because it’s always smushed up against a wider piece).

Then bake!

These are best fresh from the oven – well, after waiting a few minutes to cool otherwise the

nutella is super hot – but I thought they were also fine when cool. The crescent roll directions said you could wrap leftovers in foil and warm in the oven, but when lazy and hungry (two things I usually am) they’re still good when not reheated.


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