Worst 12 Hours Ever

I had the worst 12 hours I’ve had to deal with in a long time. It all started yesterday….

I didn’t sleep well Sunday night. Even watching the criminal minds episode where there is a Cleveland serial killer didn’t affect me. (I don’t fear people breaking in when I’m home alone. I am however terrified that there is going to be a mouse or snake in the apartment. Okay, usually I’m afraid that the spiders will show up – sensing Jon has left – but those I can at least kill with a shoe or bottle. Typically it’s a vicious battle to the death and I leave the body there as a warning to others. And because it grosses me out to pick the creepy little buggers up.)

The point of all that being I was tired all day on Monday. I wanted to just go home after work and finish putting away my laundry and just relax, but I had made plans to go to dinner downtown and I really hate it when people back out last-minute, so I couldn’t do it. I made it through most of the dinner with no problems, but I could tell I was fading fast at the end there since two people asked if I was okay.

It was fun, but I was glad to get home about 9:30 since I wanted to go to bed early. As I’m pulling into a parking space in our lot with freshly painted lines, I notice Jon’s car isn’t where he usually parks. (The apartment complex was repainting the lines, so they left a note on the door to just make sure you’re not parked on top of them so they could work around everyone) I look around for a minute before going inside thinking maybe he just parked closer to the building than he usually does.

Don’t see it.

I go inside and get the mail, hoping there is a note there or on our door. Nothing. My heart starts beating faster. And all I can think is ohshitohshitohshit. I text Jon to ask where he parked. Just to make sure I didn’t miss it. And proceed to text him probably 10 more times, getting increasingly frantic because I don’t know if the apartment towed his car or if it was stolen. I’m assuming it was towed because where he typically parks is now freshly tarred – so I was guessing they towed him to do that. But the notice doesn’t say anything about tarring the parking lot or about towing people who don’t move.

I panicked enough to text my dad not knowing if i was supposed to call the cops or just wait until morning since I was assuming the apartment towed it.

Finally I get a hold of Jon, tell him what was going on and essentially hand the problem off to him. He was taking it a lot better than I was. But that might have been because at that point I was thinking it was all my fault and his car was stolen and I didn’t even know when it happened, since I don’t pay a lot of attention to all the other cars out there while I’m rushing to work.

But basically, the local police department said the apartment hadn’t told them they would be towing (which they don’t always) but he should just check with them in the morning. So I went to bed a lot later than I wanted to but was happy to get to sleep. Especially since I told Jon I’d stop by the office in the morning to follow-up about his car.

I woke up this morning very well rested. I glanced at the clock and it said 7:15 (which is fine since I typically get up at 7) … but it was flashing.


So I glance at my cell plugged in next to my bed. It’s 8:40. I start work at 9. Double crap. (okay so I maybe used a few other words)

I jumped up and grabbed my phone to rush around getting ready. That’s when I noticed that I didn’t have my typical slew of emails I wake up to. A closer look revealed that my connection wasn’t on (my phone calls it the radio signal – I don’t know if that’s really what it’s called though) but my phone wouldn’t let me turn it back on either.

I got a bunch of messages from Jon telling me his car wasn’t stolen and to call him and basically him getting worried that I wasn’t answering since I was almost supposed to be at work.

But the final upside to the saga was that I was only 10 minutes late to work. Apparently I can get ready in like 5 minutes flat if I have no choice. Good to know for future reference I guess.

Also, in case anyone was wondering, they just moved the car to the furthest set of buildings. I’d never actually been down there until I went looking for the car, so I was kinda impressed at just how many buildings there were. Guess that explains why the pool is so crowded.

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