Chicago Zoo

AKA the Lincoln Park Zoo

Since I haven’t figured out the picture thing yet, I thought I would contradict what I said in the last part about not needing more posts to cover the trip and just do the zoo separately. Enjoy all my animal pictures (minus the blurry ones).

So the problem with the free zoo was the quality and quantity of animals. Most of the ones we passed by were empty. No animals at all. This was really misleading because there were crowds around the pen anyway. The ones that had animals still weren’t great. There seemed to be something wrong with the animal.

Example, one of the bears was alone in his habitat, walking along the back wall. He would walk back and forth in a maybe a 5 foot line and shove his head into a corner. It was like he was convinced that there should be a door there somewhere and just kept trying to get in. (He was pushing on the wrong wall. The door was several feet further to the left.) He had to have done this for more than 5 minutes before we gave up and moved on.

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Or the leopard (or cheetah, I can’t remember which) who was pacing in his cage. He had walked the figure 8 so many times there was a clear dirt path where he’d killed all the grass.

There was also a giraffe that was clearly not all there, although he shared the area with one that seemed normal.

In the giraffe pen was also an ostrich, but he was stubborn and you could only see the shape of his head through the tree and in between two rocks (that’s the little grey blob in the picture of the trees).

The monkeys all seemed pretty normal, nothing weird to report there.

All in all it was fun. Nice day to walk around, but I’m definitely going to pay for my zoo’s from now on.

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