Jon and I spent the long weekend in Chicago. This makes it trip two for me! And I got to do a lot more this time so now it feels like I can really say I’ve been to Chicago. It was a slightly less dramatic trip this time so I don’t think I’ll have to do a 3 post series like last time, but we both really had a good time.

We decided last week that we wanted to go since we had the long weekend. Jon’s cousin texted him, inviting us out and we decided to just go for it. We looked at flights, but buying them the week of a holiday doesn’t exactly lead to an affordable trip.

Jon took a little convincing to bring around to driving there, but since other than watching fireworks on Monday night we had no plans we decided to go for it. We met after work on Friday and Jon drove the entire way, even though I thought I was going to need too since we’d been up late the night before and it was my fault (my co-worker’s band was playing in Akron and a bunch of people from my work went).

I was excited that pretty much every rest stop between here and Chicago had a Hardee’s. They didn’t have Famous Star’s on the menu which I thought was weird, but I guess you can’t expect a little rest stop to stock the entire menu. It was a little disappointing but still nice because it made me think of home.

Anyway, we got to Chicago late Friday night and pretty much just went to sleep. Saturday was a lot of fun though. We decided to do a bunch of touristy things since the only other time I’d been was for his cousin’s birthday earlier in the year. We didn’t do anything other than hang out and go out to eat then. So this time we decided to go walking around and do some shopping on Michigan Ave to start.

It was nice because Jon could go off with his cousin, while his cousin’s wife and I did a little shopping in H&M. She’s pregnant and needed dresses and things she’ll be able to wear as she starts to show more. I just like shopping. I think everyone ended up happy (especially me when Jon brought me Jamba Juice when we met back up at the store).

After H&M we kept walking and talking until we reached the end of the stores, and then decided to keep walking so they could show us another must see landmark. The bean, also known as Cloud Gate. That was pretty fun too, although at this point I think we were all sick of walking, mostly because of the oppressive heat.

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(Okay I was trying to divide the pictures up into different slideshows, but can’t quite figure out how – so here they are all in one. Good to know for next time I guess)

And us enjoying the bean.

My favorite picture is the one of the stroller pushed right up next to it. The mom stuck her baby there to entertain himself while she talked to her friend.

After the bean we ate at the restaurant underneath it. Good food but nothing so amazing I need to go again. Awkward bathrooms at that place as well.

Then we decided to catch the bus to the Hancock building so we could go up to the lounge and see the panorama of the city. You can pay to go to the top floor and look, or you can go to the lounge – but you have to be seated at a table to be allowed up there. So we bought drinks and enjoyed the air conditioning – then of course I took pictures. (If you go, ladies note that the best views in the place are from the women’s bathroom.)

Saturday night Jon’s cousin had a bunch of friends over for a margarita party. Everyone brought their own recipe and we voted with lime slices. It was a blast! And there were so many good ones. We also assembled and grilled our own quesodillas. I really enjoyed their friends and we got to play The Game of Things again (the first time being with her family over Memorial weekend). Such a funny game to play!

Sunday we took it a little easier since Jon’s cousin’s wife overdid it a little with all the walking on Saturday. Jon, his cousin, and I walked to breakfast. I love being in a city and walking places. That’s one of the things I miss most about Ireland and Europe in general.

After that his wife was still tired, so we decided to go to the zoo. It’s free and it wasn’t as hot as it had been saturday. I have to say though…. I’m willing to pay for a zoo if I want to go to one. I’m convinced they don’t buy quality animals for the free zoo.

I’ll have to upload the pictures from the zoo later (not that I have many good ones because there either weren’t animals or the animal seemed to not be all there mentally . . . )(*and this is a little lie, because clearly some made it on but I’ll figure out the rest later since it’s time for bed)

Sunday night we had real Chicago-style deep dish pizza for dinner. We each only ate one slice it’s that deep. I think it’d be like eating 3 or 4 regular slices.

Otherwise the rest of the time we just hung out. I really like Jon’s cousin and his wife. They’re both a lot of fun and really easy to spend time with, so hopefully we’ll get to do it again soon!

On another fun note: I got to use a bunch more of the money from my pass from my last trip on the bus and train trips around the city this time.

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2 Responses to Chicago

  1. Cindy says:

    Cute little polka dot top you had on! Jon looks like he has been working out- flexing those biceps in the bean! And fair warning – you’ve been spoiled by the San Diego Zoo and Safari/Wild Animal Park – they are world class! !!!! 😉

  2. Kerri says:

    Tell me more about the game of things

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