Hot in Cleveland

I discovered a fun perk of the company I work for this week.

We do hair. We’re based near Cleveland…. Makes sense we’d sponsor the premier of the TV show right? Especially one based on our town (I wonder what made the producers pick Cleveland anyway?).

We were told we were doing it a week or two ago. Some of our educators (stylists that we use a lot and send to the classes we hold for our salons among other things) would be there to do the hair and there would be a screening and a party after at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Well Tuesday at work we all got another email saying we could still be added to the list to get in if we wanted to go and we could bring a guest. Apparently the original notification included an invite but I’m not sure anyone realized that. But most of the women in the office signed up to go, and I had no plans so why would I miss an opportunity like this? Even though I’d never seen the show before.

So I signed Jon and I up. I was the only one to bring the SO but everyone was excited to meet him.

Jon met me at work, we drive and park near Browns Stadium and walk over to the entrance completely confused. There were a ton of people there! There was also a red carpet with people lined up several feet on both sides. I had no idea what they were for and if there was like a line, or if they were just waiting for the stars. So we walked around the crowd and into the building. Later I found out we could have walked the red carpet in and I’m super bummed we didn’t do that, but since I had no idea what was going on I didn’t want to do it and be asked not to or something.

But so we had our names checked off the list, got our special VIP wristbands, and went and sat down in the theater. The show was actually pretty good. Funny, although I thought they played up the Amish cliché a little too much.

The reception after was good. The food was good, and they had a bar with wine, beer, and a signature cocktail that was pretty yummy. The dessert table was by far the best part, even though Jon kept trying to ruin my enjoyment of the food.

Only one of the stars really mingled. The one from Just Shoot Me, Wendy something I think? I know I could google it but then I would feel like I wasn’t giving you an accurate portrayal. The other 3 women mostly sat at a table and a few people would be allowed to go over at a time. Mildly disappointing since it wasn’t a huge reception or anything.

Betty White also left early. I thought she might, since she’s pretty old and they also toured the exhibit before the screening. But I heard from a good source that she actually left because she was drunk!

All in all it was a good time, and I’m really glad I went. It was fun to hang out with some of the women in the office and we ended up taking some pretty funny pictures on the red carpet together as well as a few with Wendy whatshername.

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