H2O II Tour

I went to a concert Saturday! It was quite the adventure all around, because I bought Jon and I tickets a few weeks ago and just planned to hang out with my friend Liz there even though her seat was several sections away.

(sidenote: I’ve never been to a concert at a baseball field before, it was sort of a strange venue)

But the threat of bad weather put a slight damper on my excitement. There was a lot of back and forth, are we going to want to go sit outside in pouring rain and thunderstorms? And will they even hold the concert if that happens? And lots of decision making, and deciding to return tickets, and last minute buying that I was going to explain all out here, but then I realized that no one actually cares about that.

I don’t even care about all of that, which is why I think I really didn’t want to write all that out when I started writing this post on Sunday night. And why I’m only getting around to writing it now.

Anyway, the concert was amazing. I’ve seen Brad Paisley before so I knew he was going to be great. I also really love Blake Shelton, and I only know a few songs by Jerrod Niemann (does he even have more than a few songs?) so I kind of had high expectations for the concert.

The lineup also included 7 other much smaller artists, which I don’t know if they just decided not to announce that they would actually be playing outside of the stadium (and therefore be free and open to the public) until the last minute so as to avoid people being upset since the concert was advertised as 10 artists, or they just discovered they couldn’t really make it work inside a baseball stadium.

I only knew 2 or 3 of the artists, and we actually missed seeing the first two while we were driving and parking. But I downloaded several new songs so I’m happy!

We actually also got two free (really crappy seats) tickets while we were walking towards the stadium. We wanted to buy 3 seats together, but the guy only had two of his free tickets left. There were literally the last seats in the entire stadium. At the very top.

So we bought one more ticket and split paying for it between the 3 of us. Then we ended up going down and finding much much better seats on the field level. We actually had an amazing view of the stage, that I would show you pictures of except I didn’t take my camera. That is proving to be a hard habit (or lack of habit) to break.

Also, I always forget how long Blake Shelton has been around. He played a few of his older songs at the concert and he only really got big with Home, but he sang a lot of good songs before that.

He also surprised up by having his wife come out and perform Home with him. She apparently is doing a show in Akron this weekend, but I thought with her being on tour, him being on tour, and how he’s got to be constantly flying back and forth from LA to film The Voice (which I LOVE btw) there was no way she’d be there too. It was a really great surprise.

Jerrod Niemann only sang a few songs. I’d say he was on for less than half an hour even. But what he did sing was done well – he just doesn’t have enough material.

Brad Paisley was just as good as I was expecting him to be. He also did a lot of talking in between songs, but not the annoying kind. He grew up in West Virginia. My geography lesson for the day taught me that W.V. is only a two hour drive from Cleveland. Never would have guessed it was that close, but learning that made all his comments about how much he loved Cleveland and how they were his favorite sports teams make a lot more sense. I thought for a while that he was just saying that – like how all artists say it’s their favorite place to perform and every audience is the best crowed ever. Turns out he really is a fan of Cleveland sports.

Who knew?

But so there you go. Great concert. Lucked out and got perfect weather for it. Only paid about $13 each for field level seats that I’m pretty sure sold for closer to $100 each.

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2 Responses to H2O II Tour

  1. Jess says:

    was that the show where Blake Shelton had his 2 girls from the voice perform with him? i was thinking about that when i watched the show and forgot to ask you.

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