Still Here…. Somewhere

I went to a concert on Saturday that took up most of the day.

I went shopping Sunday.

I went to the premier of Hot In Cleveland at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame downtown last night.

I also haven’t actually been on my computer since Monday night, when I started but obviously didn’t finish my post on the concert. It was an awesome concert.

But I’m very tired this week. To many little things interspaced with big things and not nearly enough sleep. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon. And I’ll finish the post on the concert and write the one about the premier. Tomorrow. Hopefully.

I’m pitiful.

It’s a good thing I don’t have a dog, because I can’t even manage to write a few hundred words to keep you updated on my life consistently so I’m not sure how I’d manage to walk and feed a small creature.

But I’m alive (so mom you can stop worrying about me, sorry I haven’t returned your call yet – try me tomorrow at 615 my time lol).

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