Sunburn On The Back Of My Knees

I think I got a little burned on the back of my knees. That’s what I get for enjoying the beautiful weather a little too much I guess.

I’ll take it.

So quick recap of the week:

Tuesday was my mom’s bday. I got her an amazing present obvi. But I also met up with my friend Liz for dinner on East 6th in downtown Cleveland. We went to this little mexican place and the food and margaritas were really good. The service. . . . ehh. Our waiter was a little awkward and didn’t seem to really know what he was doing. He also disappeared for like an hour at the end of our meal. We kept thinking he was going to come back with our check, but he avoiding all eye contact or coming too close to our table. We both even looked for him inside the restaurant when going to and from the bathroom as well and couldn’t find him. Lucky for us it was nice out so sitting on the little patio talking wasn’t a hardship, but it was a little ridiculous.

Wednesday was my brother’s birthday. Otherwise Jon and I went grocery shopping.

Thursday, because we forgot the gas tanks on Wednesday, Jon and I met at the gas station to take advantage of the Giant Eagle fuel perks. My gas light was on and we had $1.20 off per gallon for up to 30 gallons. So I filled the two 5 gal tanks, then my car while Jon put one of the tanks into his car. When I was done I filled up the tank he emptied again. Basically we cheated the system to get our moneys worth. Kind of an annoying system, but I have a full tank, he has a mostly full tank and we have 10 extra gallons of gas.

By Friday I was so over the week. Even thought it was a short week it seemed to drag on forever. So Jon and I passed on going out even though another friend, Rikki, had a few friends visiting so I felt bad not going out to meet them.

Saturday, we got up early. Jon had a football playoff tournament at 1 and we wanted to check out a few shops out in Amish country since we still need some furniture beforehand. Unfortunately we didn’t find anything but it was interesting to check it out. We also didn’t get to check out the place Jon’s been to before that I had the most hopes for.

We finished poking around early so we headed to the Target right by the football field and picked up a little folding chair for me. I didn’t want to sit on the ground again, not that my chair lifted me that much off of it. But it was seriously hot out. The tiny bit of a breeze helped me not just die, but it was still hotter than was comfortable.

Before Jon’s game started one of the guys on his team dislocated his finger. It was seriously bent and looked pretty gross. I offered to drive him to get it fixed but after sitting for a few minutes he insisted he could drive and didn’t need me. I did give him 4 Advil though. Hopefully that helped and he’s okay now. He was mostly just upset that he couldn’t just pop it back in himself and go play.

I also got a little burned. Mostly the top of my knees and a little bit on my chest where I was white from my shirt lines from last weekend.

Saturday afternoon Jon did a little work on his laptop while I did laundry. Having the apartment complex was such a good decision. I can now dry a load of laundry in one load instead of running it 3 times! It makes life so much easier and makes me much more inclined to do laundry instead of putting it off! haha

Jon also was super sweet and hung my mirror for me! So the dining room is slowly making progress.

Here’s a picture for ya:

It’s dark out and the lighting isn’t very good. So I’ll have to take more pictures for ya later so you get the whole picture.

Today, Jon and I met up with Liz. We were going to drive up to her parents house up on the lake. Of course halfway there she remembered that she left the keys in her apartment.

So we went back to get them but decided to just go to Edgewater beach. It’s right by where Liz lives, so it was closer and made it easier to just stop and get lunch and meet up with Rikki too, instead of having to drive the hour up to the house.

I have now officially been to Lake Erie! I even went in the water! (sort of. if shin deep counts as ‘in’).

I wasn’t super impressed with this beach. The sand wasn’t very nice and there were a lot of sticks and some trash. But it was still a really fun and relaxing day. We even went and got ice cream at a local Ohio chain that was really delicious.

I was better today about putting on sunscreen (mostly because Jon and I stopped at Target to actually get some this morning as well as purchase our first set of beach towels. They’re cute. They’re like little matching boy and girl towels.

But using sunscreen didn’t stop both Jon and I from burning a little, ironically both on the back of our knees.

So now Jon and I are just hanging out, watching The Voice and cleaning the apartment up in case Jon’s dad comes to visit tomorrow! And because the place needs it haha.

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