Memorial Day Weekend

I’m really bad at being on top of posting aren’t I?

The thought was that I would post maybe twice during the week and once on the weekend. I’m lucky (or should I say you’re lucky) if I write more than once post a week. It’s a combination of either I’m not busy at all, but then I have nothing to write about, or I did things worth talking about, but then I have no time to write about it.

Either way, this week was the more interesting type of week.

Tuesday after work I decided to go shopping. I finally decided what I want to do with the dining room and had scoped out a few options so I wanted to go check out again. I ended up buying a mirror for the longer wall and a few small things so I can eventually put a little collage on the smaller wall.

Wednesday after work I had a long overdue hair appointment. I enjoy the guy I go see, he’s from the area originally but lived in Cali for a few years. He also is a wealth of insider knowledge about the area. So while he highlighted my hair he told me all about the festival going on this weekend. He talked it up enough I thought it’d be fun to go. Especially since Jon had heard about it at work because they do hot air balloons for it as well. I also had the typical luck that it was fairly nice all day but as soon as I went to pay and leave, the radio switched to the weather warning and there was a flash of lightning and huge boom of thunder. Then of course the storms we’ve been having for what feels like forever were directly on top of me and I got soaked getting into my car and going from the car to my apartment. I’m glad all that time was spent drying and styling my hair…. yeah.

I did have several inches cut off though. He asked if I wanted it trimmed a little and on something of a whim (which is typically my decision-making process when it comes to my hair) I told him to cut it to here-ish, and obviously indicated a spot. A spot about 5 inches above the end of my hair. It’s also fun working in an environment based around hair, because when you do something everyone notices and compliments you. It actually triggered like a 10 minute discussion about how great it looked the next day which always feels nice, but also sort of makes you wonder if it looked that bad before…. but since I knew I was long overdue for both the highlights and the trim I didn’t take it to personally.

Thursday I was supposed to meet up with two friends in downtown Cleveland for dinner, but at 5:30 it was storming like crazy again and there were flood warnings for the area I work it. I didn’t want to have to drive all the way to Cleveland in that weather. And most of the week had the severe storms in the evenings so I assumed it’d get worse. Instead it stopped raining about the time I got home so I dragged Jon out to the outlet mall.

In my defense he was the one who said he wanted to get a new pair of shorts before the weekend. He was also the one who arranged our weekend plans with his cousin so we were going to be leaving Saturday at like 1:30pm. It was just coincidence that I happened to have a bunch of coupons for Gap and Banana Republic that I wanted to use.

Either way, he got his shorts as well as a dress shirt from BR that looks really good on him and I got a dress, a skirt, a tunic and a work shirt. AND I spend less than $50 total!

Friday night I booked my tickets to Vegas! We picked flights and booked right away figuring they were only going to go up in price. So no matter what else happens I know at least me and one other girl will be going since I booked them together! After that a few friends met us at my friend’s place and we hung out for a little bit until it was time to head to the bar.

Now we’ve gone to this bar a few times before. Every time was a Saturday night, which is their live band night, and it’s been packed. This was a Friday night, which is their DJ night, a supposedly popular night, and it was pretty empty. We did get there early, but everyone must have been traveling for the holiday weekend or something. We still had fun though.

Saturday morning Jon and I were lazy around in the morning, and then packed up to head to his cousins in-laws house. They live about a half hour from us on a little lake. Or pond as Jon and his cousin both insist it really is. They have a beautiful house and property though and it was a fun afternoon we spent hanging out, drinking and helping the youngest ones fish. We had bbq for dinner and then later that night played a game called Things. There is a topic/situation on a card that gets read out loud and everyone is supposed to write the first thing that popped into their head. It was a really fun game, but it definitely can only be played in certain families. It got dirty pretty fast!

We spent the night there and a little bit of Sunday morning before heading home. It really made Jon miss his family lake house though. And it just reminds both of us how far we are from our families.

But on a happier subject, I love the town I work in. They were having a festival all weekend, so after getting back on Sunday we went down and walked around. We had lunch at this yummy little sandwich/wrap place and watched what had to be the worlds longest parade. Seriously though, it was like an hour and a half long at least. For being a pretty small little town it was impressive. Mostly in a this-is-getting-absurd sort of way.  It was a really nice way to spend the afternoon though. Makes me want to live there or a similar small town with the cute movie worthy main street.

That’s my new goal. I’ve already informed Jon. So it only took me like what, 3 months to go from vowing to never move again so I didn’t have to change my address on everything to wanting to move. I’m committed like that.

Today we went and saw Kung Fu Panda 2. We were the only ones there without kids. It was a cute movie though, not quite as funny as the first one, but clever and a sweet message.

And now the apartment is in desperate need of cleaning. I probably need to go grocery shopping. Annnnd I still want those stupid powdered doughnuts. I have discovered I am not a fan of living in a house with no junk food. It’s unnatural for me.

I just need to make sure I buy things with chocolate or pecans in them so Jon wont beat me to them.

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1 Response to Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Jon says:

    i’m glad you left out the part about sucking at fishing. The little kids really didn’t need our help because as soon as we stuck a worm on their hook, they threw it in the water and caught a fish – no joke, it was that quick. At the same time they were catching fish…i was catching sticks and the bottom of the pond.

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