Sunny Weekend

So my weekend.

It was be-a-u-tiful out! Finally!

Jon had football Saturday morning, and his car was still at work from his Canada trip, so I drove us out to the fields where the games take place. I was having massive Starbucks cravings (I haven’t had it in forever so I felt justified getting it. And I was being a good girlfriend and planning on sitting in the grass for an hour while Jon played football) and we were a little bit early, so I dropped Jon off used my trusty GPS to lead me to the nearest Starbucks for my fix.

I don’t even want to go into how glad I am to have it back. Jon had it with him all week since he was driving to and from Canada by himself. I can survive without a GPS, I managed to for 20 some odd years without one, but I no longer want to.

Anyway, the Starbucks was inside a Target, in a shopping center. Jon’s lucky I made it to his game at all. I managed to keep it to one quick lap around Target before checking out with my Go-Pack of mini Chips Ahoy! cookies (I needed something for breakfast!) and hitting up the Starbucks. I even resisted the urge to check out the other stores. Although I did tell Jon next time I might just be there instead of sitting in wet grass watching.

It was nice sitting outside in the sun though. And after Jon’s game (which they won!) he and a few of the other guys were asked to play in a pickup game. So I sat around reading my magazine for another hour. I ended up getting a little bit of a sunburn on my shoulders. But it was worth it to enjoy the weather.

Saturday at about 5pm we picked up two of my friends and headed to a BBQ. It was really fun to just hang out and eat and drink outside. I also got to meet some new people and really enjoyed myself. We had intended to walk from the house we were at to a bar, but by the time they were ready to head out the girls I came with and Jon and I were all ready for bed.

Sunday Jon and I went to breakfast at a little diner type place near us. It was quite the experience. The place was very very small and was packed the entire time we were there. There was also a lot of yelling between the regulars and the staff.

The rest of the day was spent lying around the apartment. My favorite way to spend the weekend, other than maybe shopping.

Tonight we have a tornado warning. According to the news where I live is in the zone for both the massive hail and the tornado warning area. We did get a little bit of hail, but not much. We had maybe 10 minutes of serious downpour and a lot of thunder and lightning. Right now it’s calm again, not even windy but we’ll see if it comes back though here or not.

Some days I make adult dinners. Other nights, like tonight, I make mac-and-cheese and pork chops. It was yummy, but probably not a well-rounded meal.

I would have ended the meal with some mini powdered doughnuts, but someone wouldn’t let me buy them even though I pay for half of the groceries and he eats wayyyyy more than half of the food. And I let him get the brown eggs even though they’re the SAME as the white eggs except that they cost MORE. Not that I’m upset of anything. We shall just have to wait and see who gets mini powdered doughnuts for lunch tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Sunny Weekend

  1. Jon says:

    You forgot to mentioned that we ate breakfast at the bar at the diner. You were really excited about that. 🙂

  2. Jon says:

    i should have read the rest of this post before i made the first post. The brown eggs are only 10 cents more.

  3. Jess says:

    this made me LOL.

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