Quick Recap and Fun Plans

Overall this week was a pretty good week.

Jon was in Canada for business all week, so the apartment was a little lonely. Cooking for just one person isn’t my favorite thing either, so it probably wasn’t my healthiest week in terms of dinner. I keep buying the 5 lb. bag of baby carrots at Costco though, so I’ve been eating a ton of veggies for lunch.

I did do a few fun things though. On Thursday night I went with a group of girls to see Bridesmaids. It was a really funny, inappropriate humor kind of movie. I was either laughing hysterically or covering my face so I didn’t have to watch. Definitely some guy, gross type humor involved but based around a girl friendly storyline.

There was also a huge group of older women there to see the movie together that just enhanced the experience through their comments. They weren’t quick to catch some of the more inappropriate humor and listening to one try to explain it to the rest just made the group I was with laugh harder.

Then last night I met up with some friends, including the 3 girls I saw the movie with, at a wine and martini bar to hangout and have a few drinks with. The weather was perfect out yesterday so it was really nice.

I also planned a few trips this week! I had to figure out my vacation time since it’s not the  normal 2 weeks of time yet. I believe it will be next year since that will be my first full year. But anyway, I get to go to Arizona and lay by the pool catching up with my family and Jess for a few days. I’m going to Vegas for a weekend with some friends I made here. I’m going to the Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton, and Jerrod Niemann concert and a wine festival in June.

All in all some good things coming up, so I’m in a pretty good mood. And today the weather is beautiful and I’m about to head out to a BBQ. So I’ll catch you up on my weekend tomorrow after I’ve done all the fun stuff and I have some more to tell you!

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1 Response to Quick Recap and Fun Plans

  1. Jess says:

    YAY for a family vacation!!! I’m SO excited!!

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