My Apartment To Do List

So now that I’ve actually shown you the apartment, here’s what I still want to find/do/change.

I want a bench for the entryway. One with storage in the seat and room underneath for shoes to go.

Art for the living room. Something purple and/or green to go over by Jon’s desk (I’m leaning purple for the art and then getting a green blanket for the couch. Not that I don’t love the combo of my pink and green hugs and kisses blanket and Jon’s Patriots one). Then I want to move the bookcase over in the corner by the desk. And we need a coffee table. I’m pretty over the milk crates and piece of plywood already.

Something for the patio. A mat to wipe shoes on for sure, and also maybe a little table or something so we can sit out there now that the weather is getting nicer. But nothing anyone would be tempted to steal since we do face the parking lot.

The dining room needs something for the walls. I’m thinking a mirror for the wall opposite the patio door. No clue what I want for the wall that faces the kitchen though.

The kitchen also needs a rug or something. It’s pretty boring looking in there.

Where the bookcase is now I want a bar/table type of thing. We can’t really keep anything on the microwave stand because it’s not stable enough. When Jon goes to use the microwave things sometimes fall off the top. So this way we’ll have a use for the space behind the couch, and a table surface.

Then I still need something for the wall in the bathroom.

The guest room still needs everything. We’ve done nothing in there except store crap so this list is a little long. We need: a bed (ideally I’d like a day bed with a trundle so we could have two beds or one larger one or my bed from home which is a bunk bed with a futon on the bottom), a nightstand (I want to get two matching ones for the master and put the one Jon is currently using in here), a desk for me, bookcases for all my books still in Cali, a tv stand for the extra tv, art for the walls, curtains (although there are blinds so this is just so it looks pretty – not really a necessity), and probably more hangers for the closet since I keep stealing the ones I put in there to use in my closet.

The master bedroom needs a lot too. Jon and I are currently sharing his dresser, so I need my own. I want to get or bring from home a little wire shelving unit for the closet so I could put my jeans in there. The walls are plain and need something, but first I want new bedding since we currently have 3 sets of sheets and a comforter that all don’t match each other. I want the matching nightstands I mentioned before. And we need little ties or hooks for the curtains above the bed.

So there are just a few things I still have planned for the apartment! I’ll take pictures as I work on them and shop so you can see the progress.

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