My First Indian’s Game

Jon has a cousin who travels a lot for business, including to our area.

He was in town yesterday and today, and so he called up Jon yesterday afternoon and tossed out the idea of going to catch the Indian’s game. Neither Jon or I had been to Progressive Field and it had been a beautiful, sunny day. Sitting outside and chatting while watching some baseball seemed like a great idea.

They both came to my office, since I work until 6pm. So Jon got a little tour of my office and even got a little peak at the photo shoot that was still going on in the back. So after I changed into the jeans Jon brought me we headed out.

We parked not far from the field and walked over to buy tickets. There was a little bit of a line for tickets, but it moved fast and there were clearly plenty of seats in the stands. I’ve also never gotten tickets for so cheap. 3 tickets for $24! Granted they were the way up seats, but we had a decent view. We also spent way more on the food and alcohol but whatever. The stadium is nice though. Lots of food options and everything we bought was tasty if expensive.

There was also a game delay for rain. It was supposed to start at 7:05pm and the first pitch wasn’t until closer to 8:30. It didn’t actually rain until maybe 7:45ish where it downpoured for about 5 minutes and then cleared back up.

We ended up sitting in the field level seats because there were so few people at the game no one was paying attention. I guess it’s fair since they made so much money off of us on the concessions that we probably paid for the seats. But we stayed at the game until around 10pm. Since none of us cared who won between Cleveland and Tampa Bay we were all ready for the drive home and bed at that point.

I heard today at work that the Indians won. So yay for that I guess?

Annnnnd I started this post with the intent to tell you about the baseball game and something else, but now can’t remember the other.

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