In Progress Apartment Peek

So I’ve been living here… what, almost 5 months now? And now that I have a camera that works (thanks big brother!) I suppose it’s only fair to finally show you pictures of something other than an empty apartment.

This is the front door and closet. Looking straight into the apartment from here is a bookcase and the hallway. To the right is the living room. Left is the kitchen and dining room.

From the front door into the living room with my blue boxes that caused all the pillow drama and my picture of Van Gogh’s Blossoming Almond Tree, which I think goes nicely with it. I also have purple candles on either side of the tv that you can’t really see in this picture but they smell really yummy.

The pillows I finally decided on for the couch! They’re navy with turquoise, kelly green, a little bit of purple and a few other shades of those colors.

I’m going with a bright blue, green, and purple color scheme for the living room. Jon’s not sold on it, but I promised to keep the purple to a minimum.

Our patio door. Bonus: it was a bright, sunny day!

This is the other side of the living room. Jon’s desk is in the corner (and all the wires running along the patio door hook his computer up to the tv so we can watch movies that way). The chair is super comfortable, but I’m so not a fan of the burnt orange color so that will get a slip cover at some point.

The dining room with the tablecloth from Target that I adore.

I’ll be honest, this doesn’t get that much use. We usually eat on the couch while watching tv so this mostly holds my purse and mail.

Not much to say about the kitchen since you’ve already seen it. It’s small.

You can also see our microwave stand here that also hold cookbooks and candy.

Looking down the hallway. We haven’t done anything in here so not much to see. The first door on the left is the laundry/utility room. The second door is the bathroom. Straight ahead is the master. The first door on the right is a closet and the second door is to the 2nd bedroom.

Not much to see here. Usually Jon’s tools are on the shelf above the washer/dryer but he had used them earlier to fix our curtain rod.

My yellow and green bathroom. Still have to find something to put on that wall though.

The rest of the bathroom. Small room but a decent amount of counter space. My side is usually more of a mess considering all the makeup I shoved into the drawer while cleaning, the three different hair brushes I have on the counter, and that I put most of the hair products I get from work away.

Our room still looks like a college dorm to me. Very white. Very mismatched. But here is from the door looking in. That’s the closet door, and to the right is the rest of the room. It’s actually a really good size.

Really nothing to say here. I’m in the process of finding night stands so I have one, and we have matching ones. Then Jon’s can go into what will eventually be a guest room/office. But it’s a process (go figure).


My side of the closet. And Jon’s side of the closet plus some of my stuff on the bottom half and a few of my shoe boxes.

Basically I get all of my side minus a few long items that Jon hangs up in the very back of my section. Jon then uses the top rack of the other side and hangs a few things on the bottom (mostly pants). I’ve slowly taken more and more of the bottom rack. It started with a few short sleeve t-shirts when it was still to cold to wear them. Then I added some pants. Then my jerseys and a few other shirts and some shoe boxes along the bottom.

Fair’s fair, right?

And we’re back to the front door. Right now we just pile shoes there, but my plan is to get a little bench so you can sit there and put shoes on. Also its pretty much wasted space and I don’t know what else to do with it.

You didn’t get any pictures of the second bedroom. Mostly just because it’s a mess of empty boxes and stuff we don’t have an immediate plan for. There is also no furniture in there so other than the mess there’s nothing to see.

Maybe next time though. Hope you like the apartment!

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2 Responses to In Progress Apartment Peek

  1. Posky says:

    This looks like a nice little completed living space to me.

    I’ve lived in a fully furnished and lovely homes, lackluster apartments, barren studios and a garage. It’s all pretty much the same. …pretty much.

  2. Jess says:

    i’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t move in and have it the exact way you want it – especially with a budget. so i think you’re doing just fine. just be aware you’re going to have to talk me through it when i move into the condo!

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