The Voice

So I watched the first episode of The Voice last week and LOVED it.

It’s really fun watching the judges try to pick voices without seeing the artists. And it’s even better watching the judges try to convince the artist why they should pick them over another judge. They bicker and tease, which just cracks me up.  

At one point Adam says to CeeLo, “Let me get that name for you, I think you dropped it” in regards to his mentioning his friendship with Pink. (Okay, maybe it’s funnier when you watch it.)

They have some of the talent that is amazing, some you would never expect the voice to come from that person, and some that I would never expect a judge to pick and they do.

I keep trying write a post about my trip to the roller derby this past weekend. But every time I start I either get distracted by something or I can’t really think of what I want to write. So that’s coming but is currently still sitting half written in my draft folder.

This is just a little teaser to hold you over while I work on it. But in the meantime I’m off to watch the second episode of The Voice and make dinner.

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