Royal Wedding

I was one of the millions who got up in the middle of the night to watch the royal wedding.

I wasn’t going to, since I have to be at work all day. I even got my mom to agree to record it for me. But how could I miss out on such a once in a lifetime moment in history? Especially with how much I love watching wedding shows!

So I got up at 4am, moved out to the living room and sat watching it and tweeting/texting with some of my friends and sorority sisters. So far I’d say it was totally worth it, although ask me that again when I get off at 6pm and see if I still agree.

I loved her dress. It reminds me so much of Grace Kelly. I thought she’d go with something a little more fitted and modern on the bottom of the dress, but she looked so traditional and royal. So gorgeous.

I also really loved the trees they brought into the Abbey. The bright green and the little touch of nature, so perfect in the middle of such a grand space.

But now I’ve watched the kiss (two! how precious) and so I need to head off to work. I do have to stay that I’m glad I’m not getting married soon. Not sure there is any way to follow a wedding like that!

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2 Responses to Royal Wedding

  1. Doni's Mommy says:

    Sorry, it won’t be in Westminister Abbey either! (shrug)

  2. Doni's Mommy says:

    Apparently no trees either!

    “Kate ordered more than four tons of foliage to create an English country garden setting inside Westminster Abbey, including pyramid-shaped ornamental Hornbeams to frame the choir and a “living avenue” of 20-foot-tall, 15-year-old English Field Maples through which guests walked to their seats. The cost? About 50,000 pounds, or $83,335.”

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