Longer Weekend

I needed this weekend. It lasted a little bit longer than I intended, as I’m writing this from my parents couch still in Cali instead of being asleep in my apartment like I’m supposed to be. But I’ll get to that part after I sum up the weekend.

So I left work Thursday and headed to the airport with Jon. We got there and checked in with no problems. Jon’s flight boarded sooner than we expected but he got on it fine – although not with the seat he wanted.

My flight was to Dallas first, and actually had the CEO of my company on it randomly. But I was at the back of the plane so I didn’t even really see him. My plane was also late taking off because it was late getting in… this meant my hour layover was actually more like a 15 minute layover.

Have you ever flown through Dallas? It’s a pretty big airport with a monorail type transportation to take you from terminal A to B or C. I made it to my gate but everyone was already boarded when I got there. Yeah, I was that person. Whoops.

By the time I landed in CA I was so tired I was barely even hungry despite the fact that it had been hours since I had eaten lunch. I also got to sit on the airplane for about 20 extra minutes because the flight at the gate before us got in 90 minutes late and hadn’t moved yet. I wasn’t the most cheerful person when I got off the plane, but that didn’t stop me from wanting my first stop to be In-N-Out!

Otherwise it was a great weekend. I got to spend lots of time with my family and catch up with Courtney as well. The weather wasn’t quite as warm and sunny as I was hoping for since it hasn’t been sunny in Cleveland in weeks, but I got a little bit of it.

Today I headed off to the airport (with my ritual last meal of In-N-Out) at noon. I printed my boarding pass and found out my flight was delayed an hour. I only cared because I was now supposed to land at the same time my flight to Cleveland was supposed to be taking off. So I talked to the gate agent and found out we were delayed because of storms in Dallas – which made me feel better because if we were delayed because of the weather chances are that my flight out of Dallas would be delayed at least a little bit. But just in case she booked me on the next flight to Cleveland…. It didn’t leave until 8am the next morning.

So I sat around the airport for a little while, playing with my new Kindle (Happy Birthday to me! Thanks mom and dad!). My flight got delayed a little more, and then cancelled altogether. So I stood in line to talk to the gate agent while I waiting on hold to talk to American’s phone re-booking agent.

The girl behind me in line – who I gave the number to while I was on hold – got helped before me…. tell me how that makes sense! I was one person back from the desk when I finally got through. To a lady who didn’t really know what she was doing.

First she tried to tell me I was already rebooked because I had a spot reserved on the first flight out of Dallas in the morning. I had to point out that I didn’t care about that flight because 1) that wasn’t the flight that was cancelled and 2) I WASN’T IN DALLAS. Then she kept telling me she couldn’t get me into Dallas today… I had to explain that I didn’t care about Dallas, and in light of the weather issues, would prefer to avoid Dallas entirely.

She then found me a flight to Chicago…. but spent a while trying to book it for me because she kept getting kicked out of the system… what good is she if she can’t use her own system? She finally sort of helps me but tells me I should talk to an available gate agent anyway.

Good thing I stayed in line.

So I worked it out with the gate agent who was much more helpful, but the best flight option was me leaving tomorrow and flying to Chicago and then onto Cleveland. She could have gotten me to Chicago tonight, but I would have had to spend the night in Chicago and get into CLE at 11am tomorrow. Which doesn’t help me because I need Jon to pick me up from the airport.

So my dad came back to pick me up, and I got to enjoy a tiny bit of the beautiful weather and a sushi dinner.

I really hope nothing else exciting happens tomorrow, but I’ll let you know!

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