Cali for Easter

I’m going to California for Easter!

I have Good Friday off of work and the three-day weekend seemed like a good time to go visit. My work also gives all the employees a floating holiday to use on their birthday. Since my birthday is right around then, I’m going to take the Monday after Easter off as well and fly back to Ohio that afternoon.

It figures though that I’ll be going to Cali the weekend its only supposed to be high 60s. They had 90 degree weather the other day! But at least I’ll be out of the severe rain and thunder storms we’re having here.

Today at work they were filming pieces of a DVD we’re using in the back of the office where we have a studio. It was really interesting. Chaotic but interesting. There were hair stylists and models and a guy who brought in some ridiculous shoes and jewelry. Some of these pieces cost thousands! Pretty neat to look out, but some of it was too over the top. It definitely made the day go by faster though.

But now I really need to go get packing. I’m leaving straight from work to meet Jon tomorrow so we only have to take one car.

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