Birthday Weekend!

Guess I didn’t do better about posting this week.

Wednesday to Friday Jon went out-of-town (to Florida again – ugh!) so I was home doing nothing much, except for Thursday night. I met up with some girls for dinner at a brewing company in Willoughby, which has the kind of cute main street with all the shops and dining I love in a town. The restaurant itself was good, but not outstanding. But I might be biased by the raspberry beer I got that didn’t taste anything like raspberry.

Anyway, we met at 7 and had finished dinner by 8 or so…. but sat around the table talking until 10pm! I had fun, but really hadn’t intended on staying out that late. Especially since Jon wasn’t home so I had to come home to a dark, cold apartment! I like getting home when it’s still light out way better. It’s much less creepy.

Friday was a very different day at work. My boss was out for surgery so all week has been busy making sure everyone will have everything covered for him while he’s out the next two weeks. A lot of people in the office have been sick the last two or three weeks. I don’t know if it’s the same disease making rounds, or a few different ones, but it seemed like only half the office was in on Friday.

So randomly in the middle of the day we started a cleaning/organizing/decorating spree. It was fun and random and I finally got around to moving a bunch of the stuff in my desk from the person before me off to an empty drawer in my filing cabinet. I also acquired a new hair straightener! It’s fun working in an office with free stuff.

Jon also finally told me what my birthday present was last night! Although he only told me because I was bugging him about not knowing what to wear today for it. But the Lake Erie Monsters are the minor league hockey team in Cleveland, and apparently they’re pretty good this year. Today was the first playoff game and Jon got us tickets right behind the penalty box! I’ve always wanted to go to a Ducks game and sit right by the ice, but it’s so expensive to do it. But it’s way more affordable to go to the minor league games and the atmosphere is really lively and fun.

I wouldn’t want to always sit there because it’s a lot harder to see what’s going on down the ice when you’re that close. And where we were behind the penalty box it’s hard to watch with the two layers of glass and all the metal dividers in the way. But we had a lot of fun at the game and the arena is really nice and has a ton of food options. So that’s something we will definitely be doing again!

Now we’re getting ready to meet up with some friends I’ve made to go out to the same bar I was at last weekend. It’s kinda rainy out and since Jon’s alarm went off at 7 this morning I think we’re both tired and not really in the mood for it at the moment. But I’m making us go anyway since I know we’ll have fun once we’re out with everyone.

Tomorrow will be for sleeping. And doing nothing. But watch, tomorrow will probably be sunny and warm instead of rainy and gross like today. It would just figure!

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