Almost Melt-ed

Having a job interferes with posting. I don’t know how some people do it and manage to post everyday or almost everyday.

So last Monday I met up with a bunch of ladies for dinner and martini’s. I really enjoy the group I meet up with. Every time I go I talk to new people and also get to catch up with girls I’ve met before. But on Monday I had the chance to really talk to someone I had seen before, but hadn’t sat close enough to talk to. There was also a girl who came for the first time. The exciting part of all of this was that they’re both my age!

One is from the area originally, but went to college in Boston and had just moved home. The other is from Michigan and moved here for a job. I really like both of them and we talked about hanging out again soon.

So then on like Wednesday I get a text from one of the girls asking if I want to go out to some bars with her on Saturday night. Obviously I said yes! So I went over to her condo Sat night, we hung out there for a bit and then went to this really cool bar near her place. I had such a great time and I’m so glad I met her! It felt like I had known her a lot longer than a week.

It even came up that my birthday was coming up and she immediately started making plans to celebrate next Saturday for it. So now I even have plans for this weekend with her, the other girl from Monday night, Jon, a few other people I’ve met here, and some friends of hers we hung out with at the bar. I’m pretty excited for it!

Sunday Jon and I went rock climbing again. I didn’t like this place as much, it just wasn’t as nice. Its in an old warehouse and everything just feels dirty and old. They did have some interesting walls, including a few that you had to climb almost upside-down on. So even just watching was fun.

We were all supposed to go to Melt afterwords. Which is really the whole reason  I wanted to do this event, because I’ve wanted to go there since I saw it on the Food Network. But we had a huge group and they don’t take reservations, so it was going to be a 2 hour wait even on a Sunday evening.

Not happening.

So we just went to a local bar chain type of place because it was near the gym. The food was fine. Nothing special but we were starving.

The weekend went way to fast though.

I did run a bunch of errands Saturday morning though. Jon had an early football game and called me on his way home to meet at Chipotle for lunch (we’re slowly getting back into our trend of eating it every weekend). I figured since I was going that way anyway I could return the extra Pier One pillows, go grocery shopping, go to Walgreen’s, and return two shirts to the Gap outlet.

So we had lunch, Jon and I did the shopping, and then he took the groceries home while I ran the rest of the errands. I was so proud of myself for returning the pillows and finally having the living room pillow escapade officially be over. AND I didn’t buy anything else while I was in there. Then I returned the shirts to Gap AND didn’t buy anything.

Then I got cocky. I wanted to go look in Ann Taylor, cause I need more tops for work. Especially ones with sleeves. But i didn’t find anything there either. Actually that’s a lie, I found a really cute dress I wanted. But since it was sleeveless and not on sale enough to make me think I HAD to have it, I passed.

For now. I’ll probably go back at some point to see if it’s cheaper haha.

But when I was walking back to my car from Ann Taylor I noticed that the Wilson’s outlet was having a really big sale on all their jackets. And they have more than just leather ones. There was actually a whole rack of long winter coats in the front window that originally caught my attention. I’ve been looking for a new winter coat, since I can wear them to work and out now. Well I could before too, but in college you don’t have much of a need for them. It’s usually sweatshirts and the puffy, insulated snow jackets.

Long story short, I found a really cute jacket. It’s purple and nice and long. The best part is that it was only $35!

So living next to an outlet mall is kind of a problem. But at the same time, it’s the good kind. Or at least the kind I thoroughly enjoy, even if Jon doesn’t get it.

But Jon is also going out-of-town again for part of this week. And since he’ll be gone I’m going to meet up with the ladies group again, so hopefully I’ll have some more stories for you this week to help me get back to posting 3 times a week.

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