How Many Pillows?

How many pillows does it take to find the right ones for an apartment living room?

Hint: it’s a lot.

Pillows that were seriously considered for the living room (this isn’t counting all of the ones I looked at either online or in the store and didn’t like/knew they wouldn’t go):



Wesley Decorative Toss Pillows (Sets of 2)*

Wesley Decorative Toss Pillows (Sets of 2)

American Mills Solid Solid Pillow (Set Of 2) Color: Turquoise*tried to buy this one (Okay this isn’t really the color. It’s not available anymore so the picture isn’t exact)

  never could actually find this one in the store, so it might have worked but we’ll never know

* you guys voted on this one (I still like the picture better than the pillow in real life. It’s not as bright looking)

*the other one you voted on

(*these are all pillows I actually bought and tried out on the couch)

I had my heart set on getting a solid turquoise/teal colored pillow to match the boxes I bought from Crate and Barrel. So I spent weeks scanning the internet and every store near my apartment that sells pillows, and a few which turned out to not sell pillows. But when Amazon crushed my hopes and dreams by telling me they couldn’t send me the turquoise pillows I was convinced would be perfect, I switched gears.

I decided the solution was finding a printed pillow. That was my OCD won’t be so concerned with matching the color exactly. I was leaning towards something turquoise, and then either green and pink or green and purple maybe. I wanted enough bright colors to liven up the tan couch and white walls, but not anything too bright because I didn’t think I’d be able to sell Jon on it.

I finally brought home the last two pillows on the list, actually kind of thinking I wouldn’t be able to get Jon on board with either. But I was hoping if he had two choices he’d settle with the one he disliked the least.

I wasn’t sure I could get him on board with the bright colors in the second pillow, but I never thought he’d go for a pattern as girly as a paisley. I was so surprised when he expressed the preference for that one (the colors of the other were just too much for him).

But I’m not a huge paisley person either, at least not enough for me to be excited about the pillow when the greens in it were all more of an olive-y brown green that I didn’t really like. I could have used more blue too.

So the pillows sat on our chair for about 3 weeks. I would occasionally set them on the couch and see how I liked them in the room, but I could never get myself to commit enough to one or the other.

Finally on Saturday I decided I was just going to make the decision and stick with it. So it was off to Pier One to return one pillow and buy a second of the other. I took both just to be safe in case they didn’t have another of the one I wanted. I already told you the rest of the story. But Pier One’s website doesn’t have a picture of it so I can’t show you quite yet.

Getting a camera is definitely on my to-do list.

But now, I’m going to start working on designing the stuff I want Jon to build. That I really need to make sure we have a camera for!

Speaking of cameras, I took more than 100 pictures at work today. All of bags. Samples that our bag companies have sent us mostly, but a few are the variations of bags we have actually done. I have like 4 versions of each of the Spring Show bags currently in our warehouse.

I still have a bunch to go through that are in the locked storage room. I’m trying to take pictures of everything so that I have them for reference without digging it all out, and so that I can get rid of some.

The eventual plan is also to take pictures of all of the bags in the warehouse so I know what all the past bags look like should someone reference them. I know product numbers for everything but that doesn’t help if someone describes a bag or shows me something.

Fun stuff. Almost.

But it’s a nice change from sitting at my desk or in meetings!

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