Presets and Pillows

I’ve finally changed the radio presets in my car.

I feel like that is a big signal of my acceptance of living in Ohio. I’ve been holding out, not wanting to let go of either my CA or CT presets. Picking felt like I was letting a little piece of myself go.  But at some point the hassle becomes more of an inconvenience than the desire to hold onto that part of yourself.

That is probably why I felt the need to come home, pour myself a big glass of wine, and eat several of the See’s chocolates that my mom sent me.

(Also, what am I supposed to do with the coconut chocolate? Dad always ate that one.)

Every once in a while it hits me that I’m actually living in Ohio. Most of the time I’m too busy just living to really think about it. It’s only sometimes that it suddenly hits me and I wonder what the hell I’m doing here. Like when I want to do something with a friend and can’t because I’m not close enough to anyone here to call them up. Ohio isn’t one of the places I had ever considered that I might live, and I thought of a few.

On a happier note, I decided on one of the two pillows I mentioned before and was finally going back to Pier One to return the extra one and get a second of the winner. But I took both with me to the store in case they didn’t have another of the one I wanted and the choice was out of my hands.

It’s never that simple though. Especially when I’m the one shopping!

I took a look around the store to see if there was anything else I needed before making the exchange, and found two pillows in the clearance section. The only two of that style. They were perfect (I thought) and like half off of their original price.

I sent a picture to Jon to get his opinion on them, but cell phone pictures aren’t very good examples and it came out looking even darker than it really is. So I bought both. Obviously.

I brought both sets home to see them in the room and, after some discussion, convinced Jon that the clearance ones were perfect. I know how I want to decorate the rest of the room around them even. I have a few more ideas for what else I want in the room so now it’s just the process of getting everything and perfecting it all.

I don’t understand the people who move around every few months. It’s taking me that long just to settle in here. And the process of changing addresses is such a pain that I can’t imagine doing it very often.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

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