Rusty Bucket

So Saturday night Jon and I decided to go out for dinner. We hadn’t really done anything all day (okay – I hadn’t really done anything all day, Jon went off and played football) and wanted to get out of the apartment. We went to a little place Jon had eaten at once before called the Rusty Bucket.

It’s pretty close to our apartment. Right next to the Pier One and Bed, Bath, and Beyond though I couldn’t talk Jon into looking at the pillows at Pier One, go figure.  

I thought it was eye-catching enough that it should also be the post title. Trick you into reading. Guess it worked!

It was a pub type of restaurant, but not one of the gross, too-casual-and-foods-not-that-great kind of places. It was decently nice.

They had several items on their menu that sounded fantastic. And daily food and drink specials that also sounded pretty yummy. The waitress was great, I wanted help deciding between two drinks and there was not even a second of hesitation before she picked one. And it was so yummy! I also had another waitress comment on the drink and mention how it was her favorite.

For dinner I had a really hard time picking an entrée. I told Jon we had to go back so I could try everything that I wanted. For that night I decided to go with the salmon with rice and veggies. Yummy. We don’t eat fish much at home so it’s always nice to get it when I’m out somewhere.

They also had bread pudding on the dessert menu, so I had to get it. Obviously. It was one of the better recipes I’ve had at a restaurant. There was caramel and pecans involved; it was perfectly moist and the serving was enough to fill the craving but not so much I felt sick after eating it.

*Sidenote: the WordPress spell check keeps trying to change dessert to desert. I’m not sure why it thinks I mean ” desert – an arid region, picture cacti and sand” and not “dessert – something delicious, think cake” when clearly bread pudding is like cake.” Those are WordPress’s definitions. Interestingly enough it didn’t try to correct the word there.*

Anyway, we’re definitely going to go back. It was yummy food and had a nice atmosphere. I’m enjoying trying new places in the area, especially small, locally owned places. It’s a fun way to get to know the area more!

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1 Response to Rusty Bucket

  1. Doni's Mommy says:

    You will have to ask Jackie for her bread pudding recipe. She has been working from a base of the Nine Fine Irishmen version and tweaked it to her satisfaction. I’m looking forward to making it sometime!

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