A Lack of Excitment

So it’s almost been a week since I’ve posted anything. But nothing has been happening in my life.

We didn’t do anything exciting over the weekend. We cleaned the apartment, which really needed to happen. I did laundry (some of which still hasn’t been folded and put away). We ran a few errands and went to the outlet mall briefly. I had the Give and Get coupon for Gap and Banana Republic, and there also happened to be some sales going on so both Jon and I did a little shopping.

Jon tried to convince me we needed a big blue recycling trash can for our apartment. And while I agree we need something to hold it all so there isn’t just a pile next to the trashcan, a giant blue and white bin isn’t quite what I was thinking.

Otherwise we just hung around the apartment and took it easy.

The week so far has been average. Work, gym, dinner, TV, and bed. Most of our shows are on hiatus now. So Jon’s been going to bed at like 9/9:30. I wish I could, but I know I’d just lay there awake. I’m so much more of a night owl than a morning person.

I might try going to bed a little earlier tonight though, because I was tired all afternoon at work. I can’t decide if it’s the weather or if I need more sleep. I think my iron is a little low too, so I’ve been taking a multivitamin. Which reminds me, the first few times I took the vitamin it made me nauseous! I’m not having the issue anymore thankfully. Not sure if it’s because my body is adjusting to it, or if it’s because I take it about halfway though breakfast. Either way I’m glad it’s stopped.

Jon was also cracking up over the mail we got today. More specifically – my mail.

Normally we don’t get much that’s interesting. Ads and bills mostly with the occasional magazine thrown in. Today I got something from AARP.

Yep. It was my membership cards! I have no idea how I ended up on their list, or why they think I’m old enough for AARP membership. But the letter had two cards with my name already printed on them although I would have to send them money to actually become a member.

So that’s my life this week. The excitement has been summed up with my acceptance into AARP almost 30 years early.

Anyway, I’m off to get ready for bed. I’m not sure if membership comes with a standard bed time but I’m guessing it’s passed it.

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3 Responses to A Lack of Excitment

  1. Jess says:

    switch to gummy or chewable vitamins. they are easier on the tummy. alsooo, multivitamins don’t have much iron usually, so it’s good to take an iron pill – but don’t take it every day.. i was told every other/every third day cause well.. it blocks ya up. and thanks for updating 🙂

  2. Ralph says:

    i think getting a blue recycling bin would be perfect for the apartment

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