Spring has Sprung

It’s Spring! Time for all the crappy winter weather to be over and for it to get warmer! The season for doing things outside, and grilling for dinner, and other exciting things!

Okay not really.

At least not here *inset my parents comments rubbing in the beautiful weather right now in California* since it’s really cold out today and raining to top it off.

But it seems like it’s about time to start looking for stuff for our patio. We have a little grill that Jon got as a Christmas present. But a little table and chairs would be so cute so we could eat outside when it’s nice out and enjoy the weather.

It’s mostly wishful thinking. I’m not even sure our little patio would be big enough for a table and chairs. And we’re on the ground floor with a couple of scraggly bushes lining it so there is really nothing diving our porch from anyone walking by. We also have other things we should probably get for the apartment before a patio set.

Like a camera so you could actually see what our apartment looks like.

Speaking of which, I’m still stuck on the two pillows for the living room. I like both but I’m leaning more towards one. Jon, of course, prefers the other one. The one Jon likes more is various shades of green and blue. It’s cute but I want more color than just blue and green for the living room, and those are the two colors I go to most anyway. The other pillow is pink, blue, yellow, and maybe another color or two. It’s definitely the more fun bright pillow while the first is more of a classic design. It’s almost of a paisley looking flower although not quite.

Can you tell I’m leaning toward the brighter one? And it’s only Tuesday! That didn’t take as long as I thought it would to decide. Although I wont go back until this weekend so I guess the real test will be if I can stick with the same decision all week.

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1 Response to Spring has Sprung

  1. Jon says:

    I think everyone is voting for the green and blue one….

    You should post pictures so everyone can see.

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