Rock Climbing

There isn’t a lot to say about this weekend.

It was fun, but there aren’t really any stories from it. Jon and I went out Saturday to the Middlefield Cheese Factory. He’s already in love with their cheeses, so we had lunch there and we were going to go through their museum. The museum turned out to be about 3 feet of pictures on a wall. So then we were off driving through Amish farm country looking for maple syrup festival type of thing Jon heard about at work.

That did turn into a little bit of an adventure since we didn’t actually know where we were going or what the place was called. But we did eventually find it. By it I mean we found a state park that also taps the maple trees and makes the syrup. We had a sample and it was really, really good. It was fairly light, which I like better. Jon is more into the darker syrup. We probably would have bought some but it wasn’t on sale that day.

Saturday night we went rock climbing. I hadn’t been in a few years, since freshman or sophomore year of college. We both had a lot of fun. The people we were there with were great too, very friendly and encouraging while you were climbing.

It’s definitely something we’ll do again.

And after climbing most of the group went out for a drink at a nearby bar. The Winking Lizard is actually a pretty cool place. Jon and I have been before, but the food is pretty good and they have a huge selection of beer (and fruit beers and ciders for me!). Every year they have the ‘world tour of beers’. It runs from Jan to December 31, and you get to drink 100 beers. When you finish you get a jacket and your name on the menu, and a few other things maybe but since I don’t like beer I didn’t really pay attention.

Sunday Jon hung out at home while I ran a few errands, then we spent plenty of time laying on the couch. I got two new pillows to try in the living room at Pier One. I like them both although Jon definitely has a preference for one. For now they’re both just sitting on the chair so I can get a feel for how I like them in the room.

We also went out and got Chipotle for dinner and then rented a redbox movie. It was just time for Chipotle again, for a few weeks we were eating once a weekend. But we slacked off the last few and its been like 3 or so weeks since we went last. Easy A was the movie we got (it was my turn to pick) and I think we both enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty funny if a bit ridiculous at some spots.

Other than not really getting all our laundry done (I swear the dryer is taking longer and longer to dry our clothes every time) and I made some chocolate chip cookies, not much happened. It was a good weekend though. And I’m still super sore in some spots from rock climbing!

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One Response to Rock Climbing

  1. Doni's Mommy says:

    If the dryer is taking longer, you probably need to clean out the lint catcher and the air vent. Really check the whole vent, all the way to the outside, not just the little screen because this is where dryers catch fire and burn up places. You Tube will scare you and show you how – Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Glad you had fun. Be safe!

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