Meeting my Predecessor

Yesterday I was having issues with my computer. It was just going really slowly and kept freezing up and all I wanted to do was restart it so the updates could install and I could catch up on NCIS finally.

Today it’s my phone. I don’t know if it’s the weather, or that it’s friday or what but I am so over technology right now. I just want to lay down and not think about anything for a little while.

But instead I’m sitting here on the couch writing so that someone (*cough*dad*cough*) doesn’t start poking at me asking when my next post will be. I have very devoted readers – of course they’re my parents so I don’t know that it counts. 

Anyway, I met the girl who used to have my job today. She came into the office to meet another girl in the office for drinks, but she got out of work early and so came by like an hour before they were supposed to meet up. It was kinda weird since I’ve been hearing about her and sit in her desk and have her years of files to deal with. It makes me wonder what the people in the office tell her about me, since I’ve heard about her.

I think it would have been less weird if I had known her or if she had trained me, but since she was already gone when I got there I formed my own impressions of her.

On another topic, I really need to do more with the apartment. It still looks more like a college place than a real home. And I’ve told Jon we’re not allowed to move until we’re ready to move somewhere permanent since changing addresses on everything is a pain in the ass. So there’s no reason to not settle in and decorate. I’m not sure I’ll be able to convince Jon we should paint though.

This weekend we’re going rock climbing, which should be fun. It’ll be nice to do something active since the weather is cold and snowy again. And I know a few of the people who are also going so it’ll be nice to get to know them even more.

Speaking of that, I’m finally starting to meet some girls closer to my age. I’m also enjoying a group I meet up with fairly regularly. It’s nice having a group to hang out with, usually we go for dinner so I’m getting to try some new restaurants in the area, and I’m always meeting new girls every time as well as getting to spend more time with girls I’ve met.

The other plans for this weekend are checking out a cheese factory, near where Jon works, which is well known for how amazing the cheese is (Jon is already a huge fan) and also a maple syrup place. Looks like we’ll be getting some yummy food this weekend! Hopefully the weather doesn’t stay cold and snowy though.

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