Random thoughts

So yesterday I burnt myself frying chicken for chicken parm. Some of the oil splashed up and got my arm.

Today I didn’t eat meat, since it’s ash Wednesday. Although I had plans for dinner so I didn’t make it to mass (I’m not sure if the not going to church thing cancels out the no meat thing?). But I did meet up with a group of women for dinner and had a great time – and am getting to the point where I’m starting to have friends, so I’m considering that an acceptable alternative.

Work has been busy lately, but not overly exciting – we’re getting ready to launch three new styling products. So there are a lot of boring details and timing to work out for packing boxes and scheduling shipments. Nothing fun there. Especially since we’re so tight on the timing that we don’t even have extra products lying around so I can try them yet.

Although I have to say, planning for events 6+ months out is starting to mess with my sense of time somewhat. I’ll spend several hours a day dealing with various things for August. And then I come home and it’s only barely March. And now there is talk about getting ready and scheduling for Q1 2012!

I’m more of an impulse planner personally. When I decide to do something I want to do it right now! If I have to wait a few weeks, or sometimes even a few days I lose interest. But with work we have to make sure we know 120 days before we need more of certain items because if they’re coming from China they’ll take that long. (Thing come over on boats. Am I the only one that didn’t realize things were still shipped via boat? At least things like purses and plastic tubes? I thought boats were for oil and mechanical things.)

And that concludes the most random collection of thoughts to be stuffed into one post. Enjoy.

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1 Response to Random thoughts

  1. Doni's Mommy says:

    I guess you don’t remember your childhood trips down to Long Beach where the boats with all the shipping containers were being unloaded. Then they would be trucked through the desert to everywhere else, which is why there were always so many trucks on the road when you were learning to drive.

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