Dr. Pepper

Today Jon and I went out to try a local place for lunch. I had a craving for Irish nachos, and they had them at an Irish pub type of place. While we were eating, Jon brought up favorite foods. The type of food you could eat everyday and never get sick of, or that it would be one of the worst things ever if you became allergic too. His are bacon, cheese, and orange juice. I couldn’t really decide. I like too many foods, but my interest in them can swing wildly.

And then it hit me. Dr. Pepper.

I love Dr. Pepper. It’s something of a well-known, if mildly unreasonable love. All of my high school friends knew about it. But all of my college friends made a much bigger deal about it. I think it had something to do with how much less soda in general my college friends drank than my high school friends. Several of my friend’s families have bought Dr. Pepper solely because I was coming over.

Which is very nice, but unnecessary. I drink other things; including other sodas as long as they aren’t diet (the artificial sweeteners give me a headache). But I do have a serious love for Dr. Pepper.

I would rather drink it than coffee. I could drink it first thing in the morning, although I usually make myself wait until lunch at least.

I don’t know what other foods I’d pick. Maybe sushi, or burgers and fries. Trader Joes orange chicken.

I’m not very good at this game. I love too many foods.

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One Response to Dr. Pepper

  1. Jess says:

    chocolate croissants? sweet potato roll? cupcakes?

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