Weekend in Chicago, Part Two

Sunday morning we got up early to meet Jon’s parents, thinking we’d all just share a taxi to the airport.

We were going to different airports. Oops.

But we were up and ready earlier than we needed to be since his parent’s flight was a little before our, so we decided instead of a taxi we’d just take the T. It goes straight to Midway and had a station close to our hotel so it seemed like no big deal.

Seemed. Neither of us seemed to have learned our lesson. We both assume that you can use a credit card to do everything in a city. And while you can pay with a credit card in a lot of taxis…. you really shouldn’t since they can be so easily ripped off. But getting train tickets we both assumed would be different.

We get to the T platform, it’s early and we were up late celebrating the night before. It’s also freezing outside and it’s an outdoor platform. We go to the machine to buy the tickets and discover that it only takes cash. Issue since neither of us have any cash, but okay there is an ATM machine. So I take out $20 – it’s not like I can get any less. Go back to the machine, put it in, and it gives us a ticket.

A $20 dollar ticket.


There is no option to get change on the machine. Does it tell you this beforehand? No. Do we need $20 to get to the airport? No. It was $2.50 per person. Yeah, whoops. We don’t know how much it would have cost for a taxi from the hotel to the airport, so I have no idea if it was still cheaper to overpay for the train or if we should have just taken the taxi.

At this point we decide it’s definitely not a gold star kind of day, it’s more of a bronze day. That became the running joke.

The upside, I decided, is that since we have like $15 left on the T card Jon now has to take me back and we can go do all the touristy things in Chicago since this weekend was my first time there. And the card doesn’t expire until next April or something like that so we have plenty of time to use it!

Now if only that had been the end of it….

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