Don’t Drive and Eat Cupcakes

I’m safely home from CT! My safety wasn’t an issue until the very last part of my drive home, but it was stressful enough to warrant the emphasis on being alive.

It started snowing when I was about 2 hours from home, but not enough to worry me. It wasn’t until I was about an hour from home that it was snowing heavily enough to make a serious dent in the traffic. We dropped to a crawl. I was driving 10 mph for most of the next 3 hours. I got up to 30 only a few times, and every time I was scared enough to be driving with a death-grip on the steering wheel.

That put me off of driving for a while. I think I’m also going to hold off on long road trips until spring hits.

Connecticut was great though. Getting to catch up in person with friends was exactly what I needed. I got to see both my littles, grand littles, and my great grand little. I also know who the new additions to the family are, although I didn’t get to meet them because they don’t find out yet.

I also got to eat at several of my favorite places, including two sushi places and a deli. I also went twice to a bagel place I hadn’t been to before that weekend (that was so good Sunday morning with Jess that I went back Monday morning with Erin) and a cupcake place that was really cute.

I got a cupcake to eat on the way home, but I wouldn’t recommend eating one while driving. Just for future reference. It’s really hard to pull the wrapper off one-handed. And the icing was too tall, so when I’d go to take a bite it would all tip forward and get all over my face. I might have also been fluctuating my speed a little bit with each bite, but luckily there was pretty much nobody in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania with me. But overall I’d say it’s just too messy of a food for driving/eating. Mess everywhere.

It did make the ride more interesting though since I was cracking up alone in the car.

I just realized that is sad/makes me sound crazy. Oh well.

The weekend in CT also just reinforced how much I miss having friends nearby. The next few years are going to be rough if I don’t have at least one friend to get together with. I’m working on it, but it’s less than awesome.

But so I end on a happier note: I got a major compliment at work today. The CEO of the company, who I haven’t seen since the day I started, was back in the office today. He called me in to his office and said he doesn’t usually meet with new hires this soon after they start, but he’s been hearing such great things about me from everyone that he wanted to let me know. Major ego boost since everyone had only excellent things about me, and he even made a comment about me being too good to be true! It definitely put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

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