Holiday Weekend in CT

I have Monday off for President’s Day! So I’m going to CT for the weekend to see some of my favorite people!

I’m leaving from work tomorrow and heading straight through. It should take a little over 8 hours according to google maps, but I think it’ll really be closer to 7. Maybe even less since it’ll be nighttime. Hopefully no traffic – fingers crossed.

It’s a really long drive, but more than worth it. I haven’t seen them since September I think. And I finally get the chance to meet my newest grand little and great grand little, who joined my sorority family back in the fall. But more than anything I’m excited to get to spend time with my girlfriends, catch up and go dancing.

Having no real friends in Ohio is hard. We’re slowly meeting people and I love the girls I work with, but not having someone close by that I’m close with isn’t fun.

Even just getting to be in an area I’m familiar with will be a nice change. I know where I’m going, where things are, where I want to eat, and where I don’t. Learning about an area is fun (although less so in the winter when it’s freezing and no one wants to be outside) but there is something wonderful about already knowing an area and having favorite places.

So this will be a weekend of laughter, fun, Ray and Mikes, Kumo, dancing, and girlfriends. And I can’t wait.

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