Being organized is the key to my job

Today was a super busy day. And yet, I’m not sure I could actually tell you what I did. Every time I sat down I got called into another meeting, or I’d get another email with a job to start, or my phone would ring. It was just a hectic day of little tasks. Which I’m guessing is what most days will be like with this job.

My job – oversimplified – is to manage a ton of details. Every project that anyone wants done goes through me. And I make sure all the different departments are on the same page and on track. This means I have an insane amount of paperwork, samples, pictures, and other items. I actually have my desk, a huge filing cabinet, and 3 other cabinets.

On Friday I had a little bit of down time so I pulled out my pile of keys to figure out what they all went to (I still have two unidentified keys) and discovered the huge mess I now have control of.

People kept walking by and laughing at me sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by more stuff than they imagined was in there. There were a ton of bag samples, a bunch of bottle and tube samples from the new product launch last year, packaging samples, as well as about a million combs and brushes. Then there were a ton of other random things we’ve been sent. I didn’t even know what some of the items were but who knows if I’ll need them sometime, so back into the cabinet they went. I didn’t get rid of anything but it’s now all organized and clean so I’m already happier.

It also gave me a chance to get all of the samples out of my desk and into the cabinet. Which means I know have about half of my desk for myself. The other half is still full of papers and files I don’t know the purpose of yet. There is definitely a downside to moving into someone elses desk. Especially when you never met that person and so can’t get an explanation for any of it.

I have to say though, the little part of my soul that might have OCD is loving keeping everything organized. I have so many lists! And I know it’s weird that lists and organization makes me so happy but they really do. Which makes it perfect since that’s exactly what they need me to do. And even when the job is stressing me out, I still really enjoy it.

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1 Response to Being organized is the key to my job

  1. Jess says:

    well, this post helps me to decide what i can get you for your birthday. hahah 🙂

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