Work Week One

I’m enjoying working.

I feel really lucky about this because at this point I would have been happy to have pretty much any job at all, so having one that I’m enjoying and learning from is an amazing bonus.

Overall my job isn’t extremely hard. Most of what I do is simply managing a lot of details across several different departments. I’m still working on learning some of the financial and number-based tasks I do though. But everyone in the office is so helpful. People are always stopping by my desk to ask how I am, if I have any questions, if I’m adjusting and getting a hang of things.

And I’m enjoying getting to know all of the different personalities in the office. And joking with the other women. Apparently you gain 10 lbs when you start working there. I thought they were joking, but on Thursday there was a really yummy pound cake and Friday was Panera bagels and carrot cake. I might have had 2 slices (sidenote: I think I’ve met someone with a bigger sweet tooth than mine). Thankfully people don’t bring things in every day, but I’m also glad Jon and I are going to the gym so hopefully the two will balance each other out!

The other fun part of working is that now I have a place to wear cute clothes! As much as I love my jeans and tanks tops, now I get to wear dressier things – which is also a great excuse to go shopping for more work clothes. My problem is simply figuring out what to buy for working in the winter. I have sweaters – that’s the obvious one. But what else can I wear that’ll be warm enough.

My current goal now is to find a long, warm, cute/dressy coat as well as a pair or two of dressy work boots or shoes that’ll work for the winter snow. Most days I have been wearing a pair of low heeled boots that I actually got with my mom in Ireland. I like having a little heel so I don’t feel like I’m slushing through the snow as much as I do in flats.

So my first full week is done and I’m still loving it! And everyone seems to like me and want to keep me around. Although they did tease me that they haven’t heard me swearing yet so they’ll have to break me out of my shell more! I’m not sure what that says about the office, that they are expecting me to be swearing loudly but I’m interested to find out.

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