Working and the weekend

Working is putting a cramp in the amount of time I have to spend writing posts. You would think it would give me more to talk about than sitting home all day, but overall nothing worth writing about happens at work. 

Like today. I made this guys day because I gave him a marker. And the girl who had my position before me left a binder with instructions on how to do various tasks. Which you would think was really helpful.

Yeah, it’s not.

She left instructions with pictures, but the picture doesn’t actually match the instructions. Trying to figure out how she got numbers that don’t follow the formula she left me is one way to kill an hour or so at work. That and trying to figure out what all the stuff in her desk is for or if it’s trash. I have an entire drawer of some mock-up products. No idea what they’re for.

On a non-work note: I did hear from Amazon today. The turquoise pillows I was so excited about aren’t coming anymore, the order can’t be filled. Which puts me back at square one. Only worse since I already know several places don’t have what I want.

Now I think I’m going to look for some sort of print pillow. Something so that if the color isn’t exactly what I want it wont be the main focus. It’ll be harder to sell Jon on that though. Unless I just bring them home and wait for him to get used to them.


Oh actually, I went out for lunch on Saturday with a ladies group and had a good time. One of the girls I met was having a Superbowl party on Sunday and invited Jon and I to come. We had a pretty good time. It was kind of strange at first, but we ended up talking to a funny couple and enjoyed ourselves. Just don’t ask Jon about the creepy guy who kept drinking his beer and watching us.

We’re slowly making friends here. It’s hard finding people our age, but I’ve met lots of great people in their late 20s and early 30s.

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