Paying less than 2 dollars a gallon for gas

My second day of work went really well too, and I feel like I’m starting to get things. There are still things I’m going to have to learn and I’m still asking lots of questions, but I think I’m getting it. The job sort of makes me stressed and thrilled at the same time.

But anyway, I meant to tell the story of how much I love my grocery store a while ago. Like anytime in the week after it happened, but I got distracted with everything else. So now here you go.

Thank you Giant Eagle, you are my favorite grocery store. Ever.

Giant Eagle has some sort of reward program where you get points when you buy groceries that count toward money off of gas from participating gas stations. I have no idea how many points I get, when, or why I get them. The receipt always tells me my total but I never really pay attention. Until like 2 weeks ago.

I registered the card and gave them my email so I would get the ads and know when stuff was on sale and all that. I got an email the other week telling me some of the gas rewards were about to expire. Not wanting to waste it, but not really caring myself since I don’t currently drive enough to fill up on gas very often I just told Jon to keep an eye out for a Giant Eagle gas station.

When we were out during our busy Saturday, Jon realized he needed gas so we trekked to where he had seen one. I don’t remember what the price of gas was originally, but our rewards made the price $1.95 a gallon. Yeah. I can’t remember the last time I paid less than $2 a gallon for gas. It was in high school sometime I’m pretty sure.

So our excitement about this means I will be paying closer attention in the future to the rewards program. We’ve already decided next time we’re going to take both of our cars and fill them both when we use the rewards. I even said we should get those plastic tank things and stock up – and I was only half-joking.

I’m pretty sure one of the grocery stores I went to during college gave gas rewards. But it was never more than like .20 or .30 cents off per gallon. And it was so hard to find the stations and use them that I think I only did it once. Whereas here you scan the rewards card at the pump and it does it automatically. There is also no limit on how much you can save. You can get free gas, although I’m guessing they can’t pay you for getting gas so there is that limit…

AND you get something like a percentage off of your groceries for every 10 gallons of gas you buy. So it’s this circle that just rewards you all the way around.

I love it.

But now I’m off to get ready to go out to lunch (I’m working on the whole making-friends-in-ohio thing) and at some point Jon and I are going to Home Depot because I’m refusing to deal with snow without a shovel from now on. I don’t want a repeat of Thursday morning.

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