Best News Ever

I’ve got exciting news….. I got a job! Finally, after like 8 months of looking, moving, and looking (changing states 3 or so times probably didn’t help). I start on Thursday!

I found it through a staffing/temp agency type of place. They’ve actually been really great. I met with them, and they pretty much immediately set up an interview for me. They called to check up after the interview and when I said I was looking for something more marketing related they got me in touch with this position. I thought when I got in touch with them that they could be helpful, but they’ve really been great.

They do a lot of temp, and a decent amount of temp to hire placements. And this job is temp to hire, but since it’s such a detailed job I can’t imagine they’re going to teach everything to someone who is only temp. So hopefully I’ll transition soon to permanent. Of course I haven’t even started yet, so I am jumping a little ahead of myself.

Also, there is a huge winter storm coming through. So far we’ve gotten snow, but it hasn’t seemed like a crazy amount. I’m pretty sure that CT has gotten more snow. The East Coast in general has seemed to be hit harder which just figures. The snow always ends up happening while I’m elsewhere.

I have hopes for this storm though. It seems like it might dump a whole bunch of snow on us. I heard Chicago could get up to 2 feet!

I need to clean the apartment now though. Since I’ll be working (!) I wont be able to just sit around doing the cooking and cleaning anymore. It’s sort of a weird idea since I’ve been home so much over the last few months. But it’s also almost the Chinese New Year, so I can ‘sweep out’ all of last years luck and have room for all the good luck the new year will bring. And starting a new job on the first day of the new year seems like a pretty good sign to me!

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