Trader Joe’s cookies

My mom found this sugar cookie set at Trader Joes while I was home for Christmas and brought home an extra for me. I finally got around to making it on Monday because I’ve been having massive sugar cravings. I actually considered going to the store and just buying icing – that’s how intense the craving was. (On an entirely related note, I’m currently curled up on the couch in sweatpants popping Advil like they’re mints and contemplating death. So I guess I know why I was craving sweets and thankfully worst of the desperate urge has passed.)

But back to the cookies. They were really easy to make. You just have to add butter and an egg to the mix included. I added a little bit of vanilla as well to give it a little more flavor because you never really know with some of the boxed cookie mixes.

The set also comes with 3 little Christmas cookie cutters, bringing my total cookie cutter collection up to 3! Haha but I’m sure I’ll be adding to that before long. There was a star, a tree, and a snowman. My snowman is a little crooked but I think you can straighten him out, I was just more concerned with getting the cookies made before I lost control and started eating the icing straight from the packaging.


Sorry about the picture quality – I really need to get a new camera. I took these with my phone and I obviously didn’t pick a blackberry for the picture quality. It doesn’t help that the kitchen gets pretty close to zero natural light.

I have to say. They are really good! The kit comes with two small packets of icing and 4 packets of colored sugar. I would have liked more icing, but I also have an insane sweet tooth. It was fun and even Jon is enjoying the cookies and he isn’t that into sweets.

Overall it was a great little set, since usually if you buy the box mix for cookies it’s just for the dough. Any decorations or cookie cutters need to be supplied on your own. So it was perfect for me and my new little apartment kitchen. And it’s supposed to make around 20 cookies although I didn’t count how many I made. But it was the perfect amount of cookies for two people, or one person with a huge sweet tooth and a boyfriend who only eats a few cookies.

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1 Response to Trader Joe’s cookies

  1. Cindy says:

    I know they weren’t as good as Jammin Bread but I’m glad they were tasty. I may have a few more cookie cutters for your collection since I don’t have the drawer for them anymore.

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