More Pillows

The hunt for the perfect set of living room pillows continues.

I’ve now looked for pillows at Target (multiple times), Wal-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Pier One (twice), JoAnn fabrics, Tuesday Morning, and Stein Mart. And several websites.  Most have been half-hearted though because I know the colors aren’t necessarily going to be what they look like online and I’d rather buy them in a store where I can see the color first.

But I’ve just ordered new pillows – online. I’m super hopeful because the color looks the same as a picture of something else that I’m 95% sure is exactly the same color as my boxes.

Did that even make sense?

Crate and Barrel doesn’t have my boxes listed on their website anymore, but there is a clock I remember seeing in the store while I was buying the boxes and it was the same color. So they have the clock online and the clock and the pillows appear to be the same color.

I know there are about 20 ways this can go wrong and end up not being what I want, but worst case scenario I just have to send them back and I’ll be right back where I started.

I am also beginning to suspect I’m being a little OCD about this color thing. I do realize that they do not need to be exactly the same color to look good. And I’m going to be buying other items at some point that will be other variations of the color. I already have another idea about what I’ll look for next to go on the wall and if I had an extra $100 or so just burning a whole in my pocket I found two lamps at Pier One while I was returning the pillows that would be so cute – but since we have lamps that work perfectly well I’m letting that idea go.

Now if I could just find pillows I like so I can move on with this whole process too.

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