Boat Show and Movie Saturday

Yesterday Jon and I did things. I know, super exciting life we lead out here. 

Especially since when I say we ‘did things’ I mean we finally left the house at about 1pm.

We drove to a music store in Cleveland so Jon could get a book of music for his second lesson on Tuesday night. (He wont play for me, but at some point he’s going to have to practice.) We actually had to go to two different places for the book, the first one didn’t have it but they recommended CIM (Cleveland Institute of Music) so we got to drive around for a bit and then wander through the building until we happened to stumble upon the store.

*Sidenote* We discovered while trying to find CIM that my GPS beeps really loudly when the intersection you’re coming up on has a camera. Which scared me when it did it the first time, but really is kinda cool and helpful.

Then we headed off to the Boat Show because Jon really wanted to go. I think he’s hoping to talk his dad into getting a new boat. It was actually pretty cool. They had a lot of the really expensive fishing and ocean type yachts. Like the huge ones that are basically the boat equivalent of a motor home. They were pretty neat to wander through. AND, bonus for me, included in the price of admission was a free magazine subscription. I knew they were going to have a bunch of boat-y and outdoorsy ones – not so exciting for me. But they had Better Homes and Gardens too!

I’m not sure what that says about me as a 22-year-old that I’m really that excited about a free year subscription to BHG, but I am.

So after the boat show, Jon figured it was time to do something I’d like. So we went to the Tower City Mall. We were both under the impression it was going to be more vertical than it was. It was basically just a normal mall inside, just with a tower stacked on top of it that held offices. We were thinking the whole tower would be the mall, like an 8 or 10 story mall. I’d actually say that there were probably less stores in it than most malls. It seemed kinda dinky especially since it’s in Cleveland, but I might just have high mall-expectations being from SoCal.

It was interesting to wander around anyway. And we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, which was yummy as always. I got a Cleveland shot glass for my parents collection – they collect Hard Rock shot glasses from all the places we’ve visited.

The mall also had a movie theater, so Jon and I saw No Strings Attached. It was really good! It was the right amount of cute/funny/not to cheesy except right at the very end. I think it’ll be one of those movies I want to own on DVD because it’s perfect for movie and wine nights with girlfriends.

I actually texted Jess about how I thought she’d like the movie when I got out…. while she was at the theater seeing it with another friend! Coincidences like that really make me laugh.

Today it’s snowing a bit again. And since we did stuff yesterday, the plan is to sit around the apartment all day today and not really do anything. We have leftovers for lunch, Jon has video games to play, and I have a bookshelf from Target to assemble. Like I said before, super exciting life we lead out here!

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1 Response to Boat Show and Movie Saturday

  1. Jess says:

    thanks for the shout out. it was a good movie. i think i am definitely the sister getting married.. the supportive but it’s all about me personality type haha. i really do enjoy that you’re keeping up with this, so I am up to date on your life – even the silly things you probably would not have mentioned on the phone.

    Also – the BHG thing – went to my parents house, took my mom’s family circle and BHG and took recipes and read them.. I immediate flipped to the article about the best choice for containing your food (meaning plastic, glass, stainless steal..) and I just really realized, I’m so old.

    just a FYI – looking at condos on Tuesday. totally hate this process.

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