Friday’s aren’t exciting

I’m glad that it’s Friday. Not that it being the weekend has any real impact on my life – except that I have Jon to hang out with all day instead of being by myself – but because I don’t have to go to the gym for a few days. My legs have been sore all week. Going to a class on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday unfortunately didn’t leave enough time for the soreness to dissipate.

I still haven’t made a living room pillow decision yet. I also haven’t been out to the stores again since Tuesday. I want to go check the color of the darker version of the pillows I bought at Pier One and see if it’s closer to what I’m looking for. I like the color of the one I bought, but almost looks to light now. Again with the surprising indecisiveness.

I do love both of the table cloths I bought though. I’ve got one on the table and it’s so cute and cheerful looking that I smile whenever I look at it. And I’m convinced it’s going to look perfect with my dishes (whenever I get those to Ohio). I don’t know that Jon loves it, but I think we’ve reached the point where he’s given up and simply doesn’t care anymore. I knew we’d get here eventually, but I thought he would hold out a little longer. Makes my life easier though so I’m not complaining.

It also snowed again last night. It snuck up on me this time. Didn’t realize it was until we left to go to the gym. I think it’s supposed to snow tonight too, and I need to go to the grocery store, but I don’t feel like cleaning off my car…. dilemma. But since Jon had to do it to his car at 7 this morning I guess I can suck it up at 1pm.

Okay. Off to be productive.

UPDATE: There was more snow on my car than I was expecting. I thought there would be an inch. Maybe two.

It was more like 5-6 inches. I really need to start remembering my gloves when i go out. Even 13 degrees doesn’t feel that cold when I’m walking around. But after only a minute or two of trying to uncover my car my hands were numb… Although the oven-mitt looking thing attached to my ice scraper (Thanks Jon’s Mom!) helped a lot.

Here are some pics of my car…. I don’t know if you can tell how deep the snow is in these but in the first one shows how deep it is down to my car door.

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