Pillows and Target

With how much I love buying stuff and decorating I always assumed that when I finally had a place of my own I would end up with entirely too much stuff for my space. Heck, I’ve been buying stuff for the place I would someday have for years. But now that I can actually decorate my space I’ve found that I’m much much pickier.

Jon is getting annoyed with my inability to commit to pillows for our couch. He just wants a pillow. I want pillows that match the boxes I found at the Crate and Barrel outlet that now live in our TV stand. Very different goals. And apparently it’s hard to find pillows in the shade of turquoise I’m looking for, go figure.

This is the same story for a lot of the decorative items for our apartment. I’ve finally bit the bullet and bought almost everything I want for the bathroom, but I can’t pick a kitchen rug because I can’t decide what colors I want. Or what I want to put on any of our walls. (sidenote: I want something yellow to hang in the bathroom. There is a lot of open wall space and I want something to put up but can’t find anything I like. Something yellow, maybe with a little green. Any ideas?)

But anyway, I went out today to run a few errands including looking for some pillows for the couch and getting a few things from Target. I ended up buying 4 pillows so far. I knew I would be getting two at Bed, Bath and Beyond that Jon and I saw while out the other day. We didn’t get them then because I wanted to get a 20% off coupon that I’m always seeing for BB&B and because I liked the pillows, but I wasn’t sold on the shade of blue they came in and I was too committed to finding blue pillows to go for one of the neutrals. So today I bought them in the cream color thinking they’ll look nice until I can either find or make a pillow cover for them in a blue I like.

And since I was over by BB&B, I went into Pier One. They had these yummy light turquoise pillows and are in an awesome fabric. They were on sale too which was just icing on the cake. They aren’t exactly the color I was looking for but they’re close enough I might be happy.

But so now I have 4 pillows in my living room so we’ll see what Jon thinks when he gets home and I’ll take the two we’re not keeping back.

But after all my pillow shopping I stopped by Target to get trash bags, conditioner, and a hair brush. (Mine snapped in half a week ago and I’ve just been brushing my hair while holding the top portion.)

I went in for 3 things. I came out with those three things AND two table clothes that were on clearance, three little hand towels for the bathroom that match the shower curtain and bath rug, another bath rug because I’ve found I am not a fan of standing on cold tile while brushing my teeth after a shower, and a matching trash can. Yeah. That happens every time I go into Target. EVERY TIME.

I had been feeling so proud of myself because I resisted the urge to go look at the serving pieces that were on clearance (I only just realized the other day that we don’t have anything to serve food on. Not that you really need them when you’re cooking for two people, but still). Then while checking out I realized I might not have bought any serving pieces but I still had a bunch of stuff I hadn’t intended on buying… Well played Target, you win again.

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1 Response to Pillows and Target

  1. Jess says:

    i’m kind of jealous you get to decorate. we’ve been looking at condos/houses. every time we do it we give up. it’s awful! but look up wall art on websites, they have a lot on the sites that they don’t have in the stores .. also, what if you paint something with the colors you want?

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