I have mixed feelings about my GPS.

On one hand I’m pretty much in love with it because it’s awesome, it looks up food and gas stations for me, it gives very clear directions including telling me which lane I should be in for the next direction. I don’t get all stressed out looking up the directions on google maps, mapquest, and msn’s maps to make sure they all tell me the same thing and also check out google street view so I’ll know what I’m looking for. (What? I’m a visual person. And am crap at remembering street names. I might also be slightly OCD but I suppose you could guess that.)

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure my GPS knows when I’m stressed or otherwise trying to get someplace in a hurry and then toys with me. On Monday, while heading into Cleveland my gps got me to the general area I wanted, and then kept trying to send me down alleyways. Yeah, I wasn’t going there. I ended up just parking and walking around until I found the building I was looking for. Turns out, my gps didn’t even get me onto the street I wanted let alone to the address I was looking for.

Then yesterday it happened again. Although after talking to someone I’m under the impression that I’m not the first person to end up near a red barn instead of the intended location.

Overall, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t an accident. I had no problems any of the other times I’ve used the gps. I’m pretty sure it’s just screwing with me.

Anyway, I’m off to run some errands in the snow. Well sort of snow. Really it’s more like a few flurries and some wind.

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