Snow and being the best girlfriend ever

It’s been snowing since yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure how many inches have fallen, but there’s a pretty decent pile on my car already and it’s coming down pretty hard still.

Jon got home late last night and we both went straight to sleep. Driving all day must have caught up to him though, because he hit the snooze button a few to many times and didn’t wake up until 7am. When he’s normally almost ready to leave.

Being the world’s best girlfriend, I volunteered to get up and make his lunch for him. I also made him breakfast and while he finished getting ready I went out to his car. I cleaned all the snow off and put his lunch in (so he couldn’t forget it like he has on other occasions when he was running late). So yeah. I’d say he owes me big. Especially since I almost ate it several times while wading through the foot-deep snow trying to get his car clean.

At least until he gets home and realizes that there is no more ham and cheese for his lunch sandwiches. (I have never met someone so particular about their sandwiches btw.) But since it’s snowing – like a lot – out there I’m not going to the store for sandwich stuff. And we have a whole ham in the fridge that could be used sandwich-wise, except for the aforementioned pickiness which might make a spiral sliced ham unacceptable.

Otherwise I’m really enjoying the snowfall. It’s easy for me to enjoy it since I don’t have to drive anywhere or even go out in it if I don’t want to. At least until tonight when I get back on track with my gym classes.

I wonder if they’ll have classes tonight. It really is snowing pretty good here. Which reminds me of a conversation I had with Jon via BBM while he was heading home from his business trip.

Me:It’s snowing pretty good here so be careful

J: Pretty bad?

Me: good, bad, guess it depends on the definition

J: lol. Hard?

M: It’s snow not hail. I don’t think it can qualify as hard.

Which just goes to show my parents that I’m a smartass to everyone and not just them.

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