Cleaning like Crazy

I went a little crazy today. I cleaned everything in the apartment. Not like I picked up the socks Jon keeps leaving by the front door and vacuumed. Although I did both of those things. But I mean like 4 loads of laundry, and scrubbed, soaped, and lysol wiped everything in the apartment within an inch of its life. Everything.

Every pot and pan in the kitchen, the counters, the sinks, the shower, the inside of the oven, I even took off the burners on the stove and scrubbed the unidentified mess on and under them, although I’m not sure if these pre-date our life in the apartment or not. This is mostly because a 12-inch frying pan hides a multitude of sins. And at least one burner mess was the result of Jon making tomato soup and leaving it on high while he did something on his computer, thinking I was watching his soup (even though he failed to mention this expectation to me) and resulting in the soup boiling over and leaving red residue in several hard to reach places. 

This is probably what I get for thinking I can leave him to his own devices in the kitchen when cooking anything other than breakfast. Bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches on a bagel are the only food he can consistently make without his ADD kicking in and distracting him away from the food.

Like while I was home for Christmas. Jon cracked the oven door open an inch or so to let it cool off…. But forgot to turn the oven off. So for about an hour or two, he was simply heating our apartment via the oven.

I haven’t quite decided if this is all done on purpose so that I’ll do all the cooking and he wont have to, or if someone can actually get distracted mid-task while making anything that is not breakfast. Hmmm…. Maybe I’ll tell him to make dinner some night. He can be off the hook tonight because I’ve already decided what I want (balsamic chicken wraps) and we’re going back to the gym tonight for our appointment with the trainer who will give us personalized workouts or something. Jon’s a little more excited for this than I am, but I dragged him to a yoga class with me last night so I guess it’s fair.

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One Response to Cleaning like Crazy

  1. Cindy says:

    Now we need photos with furnishings, especially since you spent so much time cleaning!

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