The New Apartment

Our apartment. I just enjoy saying that, because I finally have a place of my own! It’s not my parents house, it’s not a school dorm, it’s just my apartment. And with the exception of Jon’s aversion to colors and patterns – I can decorate it however I want!

So for those wondering, our little piece of home is a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment. Its approx. 1155 square feet. We have a little patio – which is currently covered in snow – and brand new carpet throughout. All of the rooms are a good size, and I’m super excited about all of the closet space!

Here are some pictures of the place empty before move-in. The wonderful boyfriend and his parents did all of this while I was home in Cali for Thanksgiving still. So all the credit goes to them!

Here’s the living room from the front door. You can see our little patio through the glass door.

Also the living room, but from the dining area this time. You can also see the little pass-through into the kitchen.

The dining area. On the left is the kitchen and to the right is the hall to the bedrooms.

Here’s the kitchen. Pretty typical.

The guest room.

Other side of the guest room, including the pretty large closet.

Bedroom! You can see the bathroom through the doorway, and the walk-in closet is the door on the right.

View from the closet.

View of the bathroom from the hall.

And the sink and reflection of the shower.

Not included: the hallway, the hall closet, walk-in closet, the laundry/utility room, and the front door/closet. None of which are all that exciting, but maybe you’ll get pictures of those next time. 10 pictures seemed like enough pictures without being excessive. And I have to make sure you’ll come back!

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One Response to The New Apartment

  1. Jon says:

    when are you going to let everyone know what it looks like now?

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