Resisting the call of a tweed jacket

I want a Tweed Jacket.

I’m also not sure why I felt that needed to be capitalized.

Anyway, I saw a really cute one while out Christmas shopping with my mom. I was very well-behaved and didn’t even go look at it up close because I know that would have led to touching it, which is really just a gateway drug to trying things on and then before I know it – I’m buying it. So it’s better for my wallet if I simply don’t look, or really just pretend I haven’t seen it because I swear the shopping gods conspire against me and put all of these things that are either from the something I’ve been looking for the perfect one for forever category, or the something that I never realized I needed until just that second but howamisupposedtolivewithoutitnow? category.

Where was I? Oh right, wanting a tweed jacket. I saw one shopping, and now Marie Claire’s January issue has a spread about how they’re an instant classic and even more modern now that they’re being done in updated fits and cuts and bright, girly colors and patterns (including this really cute one from Milly, who has free shipping though today. Which I would hope so, if I bought a $500 jacket I better not have to pay for shipping… But I think it would be adorable with dark jeans and a white tank top. But that could also be my California showing through – I think everything goes with jeans and a tank top). So essentially the universe is telling me I need a tweed jacket, right?

I have no idea where I would wear a tweed jacket. Mostly due to the fact that I don’t see anyone but Jon most days and I’m not sure he even knows what tweed is. Maybe when I have a job? Or what’s more likely is that by the time I have some place I could conceivably wear one, I’ll once again have no interest in owning one.

Although maybe a tweed skirt…

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2 Responses to Resisting the call of a tweed jacket

  1. Jon says:

    correct! I have absolutely no idea what TWEED is. I think I know what a pea coat is because I think I have one, but i’m not sure.

    PS though I have already gotten part of your Christmas present, I still need to get the other part so I appreciate the dropping of hints but I don’t think the $500 range is in our Christmas budget yet. That said, other postings might not be a bad idea…

  2. Jess says:

    I know what tweed is, and you will see me when visiting CT…

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