This One Time I Moved To Ohio…

So I’m not really expecting anyone to be reading this. Other than my mother maybe, and considering how often she remembers to check her Facebook I’m not guessing even she will be on here very often, and a few friends (Hi Courtney!). But this seemed like the easiest way to keep any family/friends who are interested updated on our life here in Ohio.

Stories from the first few weeks and pictures of the place will be here at some point. I’ll try to stay on top of it because I know people are interested in what the apartment looks like (or at least I’d be interested, but I’m super nosey like that).

Hopefully any friends/family that find this enjoy the stories about the apartment/adjusting to Ohio/dealing with the snow/and job hunting I’ll be posting, and feel free to ask anything you’re wondering about!

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2 Responses to This One Time I Moved To Ohio…

  1. Cindy says:

    Of course people will read this because you are a humorous and insightful writer with a unique perspective! If only we could think of a way to get some giveaways going (without having to actually pay for them ourselves!) Hmmm, I suppose I could win something I already own. . . . . . ok, no that wouldn’t be kosher.

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