Target in a Snowstorm

My first exciting snow story happened a week ago, on Monday the 13th. It had been snowing a decent amount for the last few days. So Jon and I enjoyed the relatively sunny day we had Sat and ran errands, drove by his work, and ate at this awesome Amish kitchen near his work.

Sunday it started snowing again, although not heavily. But on Monday it started snowing again, this time with wind.

Jon called at maybe 11 or 12, and I mentioned running to the store to get bread crumbs to make chicken parmesan. He said he thought I should go out so I get a better feeling for the area and get a little practice driving in light snow. He said it wasn’t snowing very much, and he knows that I’ll only have a vague idea where anything is located until I’ve driven it a few times. Getting there with him driving doesn’t help me at all – but I’m also mildly directionally challenged.

So I get ready and all bundled up in my winter jacket and snow boots and head out to un-bury my car. It takes me forever! Mostly because the sunny day we had melted just enough snow that I had to chisel out my window so I could see anything. And while I’m doing this with my tiny little scraper, which I have discovered is inadequate if I actually have any ice on my windows, the wind is blowing. So all of the fluffy snow on top of the ice is swirling around me and making a mess. I end up looking like I rolled in powered sugar.

I finally get out on the road to discover Jon lied. It wasn’t just a little snow. There was a lot of snow AND wind, creating a blizzard-like effect. On top of that the roads had not been cleared. We’re not talking a back road here. This was a main road that I was on (supposedly, I couldn’t actually see any asphalt). But at this point I was already out and had put too much effort into getting my car drivable that I wasn’t going to turn around, the Target is only down the street a little way.

I finally make it to the Target parking lot to find it unplowed and with maybe 3 cars in the lot. Because what idiot goes to Target during a workday snowstorm? Me. And the 3 employees who were working obviously.

When pulling out of my spot after shopping, I started slowly rolling backwards trying to see through all the blowing snow if there were any cars. The lot was icy enough that I knew stopping quickly if there was a car probably wouldn’t be an option. But then the car stopped. Assuming I just needed to back over a compacted pile of snow, I gave it a little gas. My ties spun but I didn’t go any further. Panicking slightly, because my imagination immediately went to me getting stuck in the snow in the parking lot not being able to leave, and having to wait for Jon to get off of work and come save me, I rolled my car forward a little bit.

It was then I realized that my car wasn’t having issues because of the snow…. Nope, I was simply the idiot who forgot to take off the parking brake.

Driving home was pretty easy. I went super slow and only slid a little bit while making turns. I held my breath pretty much the whole way home, but I made it so that’s all that matters.

Poor Jon though. When leaving work and discovering the roads were in fact terrible, he called hoping I hadn’t actually gone out in it. I would have reassured him…. But I had set my phone down and missed the call…

three times.

He was a little panicked by the time I called him back! But overall we were both happy I did just fine on my own.

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